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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    Bombs and stuff

    by , 08-19-2010 at 07:15 PM (592 Views)
    I'm walking around outside. I'm in a small town that somewhat resembles the one that I am currently living in.

    I am approaching a beach. There are some kids, they look like they're in highschool. They're all sitting on the beach by the sidewalk. I walk over to them and stare at the ocean. They start talking about whether or not anyone's swam in the ocean. I start talking about how I grew up a few blocks from the ocean and how I miss it. They all simply stare at me.

    I turn around and start walking to a school. I'm going to go to my orientation. I see Liz and she says to come inside because there are cat patches I should see. There are a few cloth patches with images of cats printed on them that say cute things. Reminiscent of lolcats. When the woman who works there isn't looking she unlocks the case and takes out a big handful of them.

    We go outside. There are airplanes flying above, it's really loud. It begins dropping things that explode when they hit the ground. I realize it's dropping bombs. They seem to be heat guided because when they drop they dodge around aiming for us. I think I screamed at one point, grabbing people and pulling them down or pushing them over so they didn't get hit. I ran inside of the school where a woman was making an announcement that everyone should evacuate the building because there was a fire danger. I grabbed the microphone and said that everyone should stay in side, that we were getting bombed outside. The woman got angry with me and told me there was no way that we were getting bombed.

    Dream changes somewhat, later. I am in a house that is reminiscent of my house yet not quite the same. My room has these wooden french doors, I went to open them and they simply came off the hinges. I think my mother was there. She was lecturing me on how to keep things from breaking. I went to open my laptop and the screen completely came off. When I went to reattach it, everything began vibrating, buzzing and shaking. I could feel electric shocks running through my body, causing me a lot of pain. I screamed.

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