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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    False Awakening and Flying!

    by , 06-14-2010 at 10:06 PM (554 Views)
    Two lucids last night! Yay!

    The first was very dark. I was walking down a dark street and simply knew it was a dream. I think beforehand I had been looking for my dogs leash, or rather, a dog leash somewhere. I then realized that I was holding the leash and walking her down the street.

    Anyway, I realize I'm dreaming and decided that I wanted to fly into space and explore another planet. I started drifting upwards, and then saw my dog still on the leash. For some reason I couldn't come back down and unleash her, so I decided to use my mind to do it. I made the leash unhook from up in the air and she came catapulting up next to me. The sky was beautiful, and I started to penetrate into space, everything was blue and cloudy... wispy. The dream ended.


    I'm in my room, and I wake up. I feel like something is off. Everything feels really weird. D is there and is yelling about something. I feel like this must be a dream. I look at my hands and count my fingers to do a reality check. I could about 8 fingers on my left hand. I know I'm dreaming, but this feels too real. I think, maybe I can fly through the ceiling since it's a lucid dream. I jump and hit my head on the ceiling, I can't penetrate it. I feel like I spent a really long time knowing I was dreaming but was somewhat overwhelmed about being wrong that I was dreaming. I ended up catapulting myself through the window.

    I lost lucidity shortly after. I remember inheriting a house and having the neighbors yell at me because there was an anarchy sign on the side of the house. It was very small. I also remember driving down some jenky road that I wasn't supposed to.

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