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    1. Fragments, erupting poop worms and a potential lucid?

      by , 05-08-2012 at 11:39 PM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      Something about a fluffy/fuzzy kitten. It was tiny. I was in a cabin with friends.

      I remember most of what I did in this dream, but I don’t remember any of the transitions. First I was in my room in the old house picking out clothes. Then I was at school, changing into the clothes. Another guy was taking photos and was in the room with me while I was changing. He declared that he had a boyfriend, so he didn’t want to see me change and turned around. Good to know, I didn’t want him seeing me naked either. I tweezed some hair off my chest while changing.

      Then I was back in my old house again. Some friends were in the dining room. One was from my first dream. I walked up to him and exclaimed “YOU! I had a dream about you last night!” That sounded creepy. “…Well, you were IN my dream, I didn’t have one just about you….” I informed him about the cat, and he told me “I’m a dog person.” Good to know.

      I went outside and there were ducks and geese all over the place. There were also duck heads laying on the ground. I couldn’t initially tell if they were dead or not. It didn’t quite click that a bodiless bird/animal could not possibly be alive. My sister led me around a corner so we could find some worms. She found a suitable pair of worms, with a line of goo connecting the two. They were initially small and bumpy. My sister handed me one of the worms and told me to squeeze the worm gently. The worm was suddenly as thick as my hand, and I squeezed. Poop erupted out of my sister’s worm, and an instant later my own worm. There was more fecal matter than worm. My sister declared, “I win!” Indeed she had. Her worm exploded poop the fastest, and created more poop than my worm.

      So I woke up for WBTB and wanted to try WILD, but had a lot of difficulty falling asleep after that. My mind began to wander. I was with a friend, Dani, and she was drawing while sitting on the floor. There was a mirror reflecting her. I stared at Dani and the reflection in the mirror. They were not exact. I stared a little longer. …There was no mirror! There were two Danis. I silently deduced, “This isn’t real.” I walked over to the original Dani and grabbed her scalp with my right hand. It seemed logical at the time. I think I decided to plug my nose with my left hand too? My head suddenly felt like it was spinning very quickly and I became very dizzy. I became more aware that I was in bed.
      It felt more like an elaborate daydream than a lucid dream, or maybe a mix between the two. I also didn’t physically feel anything—clothing, Dani’s head, my body. The only thing I felt was the spinning/dizzy sensation at the very end.

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    2. NYC, Corset Wrestling

      by , 05-01-2012 at 11:35 PM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      I took a train to NYC by myself and was wandering around. I sat down on a bench and set down my two books, then realized that I was lost. I did not bring a map of New York, nor did I remember which route I took from the train station. Somehow I managed to get home. I remember something about a car. I realized that I had forgotten my books in NY, but didn’t care to go back to retrieve them. My grandmother was at my house when I arrived, and she cooked me a meal. She offered to give me money, but I declined her offer. My sisters came home after I ate.

      Corset Wrestling:
      The next dream I was wandering around a mall, and a man came up to me and asked me to take his place in a competition. I agreed, and was given a corset, stockings, and high heels to wear. No wonder he didn’t want to compete. I changed into the outfit, and my chest changed to fit better into the corset. I looked at my chest in the corset and thought it looked different from usual. I promptly forgot about my new breasts. The corset cups were a few sizes too small for my new breasts, so my nipples would pop out if I moved a lot. The strings used to tie the corset went from my left thigh up to the center of my left breast. Since I had to move a lot, the strings would become loose. When the corset was loose, my left nipple would pop out between the strings. I had to regularly tighten my corset and tuck away my nipples.

      I walked out to the wrestling ring. I was wrestling against a man in a t-shirt and jeans, while I was in heels and had a spinal fusion to boot. The objective was to push our opponent out of the ring each round. I tried to convince my opponent and the person judging the match that I was actually a guy, but naturally no one believed me with my breasts bursting out of my corset.

      Our match began, and I lost the first round magnificently. The next two rounds I became much more aggressive though. I punched, tackled, and elbowed my way to victory. My reward for winning was $100 for each second that my opponent and I fought. I didn’t know how many seconds that was, but I asked where I could claim my winnings. The wrestling organization refused to give the money to me, and told me to wait for the check in the mail. I remembered fighting in this competition before and never receiving any money, but I had also lost in the previous match.

      This dream felt very familiar, so I wonder if this was a sequel to a dream I had years ago. That happens to me occasionally, but not very often. I can’t remember when I had the first dream though, so I think that the first competition was just a false memory in the dream, rather than a dream I had in the past.

      I had a few dream fragments too. I was watching Game of Thrones with my fianceé and sibling. Then another fragment with an ill-fitting bathing suit.
    3. 4/26 - 4/30

      by , 05-01-2012 at 01:42 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      4/26 Fragments:
      Something about being in war with the Nazis. Robots were involved. I had a discussion with a sentient robot about war and the civilians that died. Then I had to prove to some lady that I was engaged.
      Note: I didn't sleep well, so my recall was terrible.

      4/27 Fragments:
      I was at my grandparents house with a bunch of my friends. I found a friend of mine to chat with, N. I took N by the hand and tried to find a private place for us to talk. I wanted to explain to N that I was very fond of flirting, and that I didn't mean to lead her on. The entire house and hard was swarmed with people, so I gave up on talking privately. I apologized to N twice without explaining why I was apologizing. Then I ignored N to play with another friend's hair.

      I was in class, and I realized that my final grade was 43%. I was informed that I could redo an essay to bring my grade up. I tried to calculate how my final grade would be affected by rewriting the essay, but found it impossible to do the math in my head.

      4/28 Fragments:
      My grandparents were dead, yet I could see their spirits. My sister and I stood in my grandparents' house, and my grandmother was standing by us. My grandfather was giving my family gifts to remember him by, and my sister was getting the house.

      My sister and I walked to a park, then went out to dinner with our father. My grandfather followed us, but I was the only one who could see him. My father wandered off in a trance, and began eating an invisible object. He was eating one of my grandmom's cookies, apparently his gift from my grandfather. Shortly after, my grandfather approached me and informed me that he didn't know what to give me, so I would not receive a gift. I sulked for the rest of the dream and thought about gifts I would have enjoyed.

      4/29 Settlers of Lion King Catan:
      I purchased a couple of birthday presents for my friend E, namely a game that was a mix between the Lion King and Settlers of Catan. E opened the game for us to play, and suddenly my vision was sucked into the game.
      In Lion King Catan, a small hippo decides how to gain access to the throne. His father is king, but the king is dying. Someone else, C, is vying for the throne though, and is much more experienced than the year-old hippo. I have no idea what sort of animal C is. C bribed someone to have the ailing king brought out before the hippo. The king was a fish, and looked pale and lifeless. C took out a knife and cut open the fish king along his spine. C spread open the fish king, and began scraping out the meat inside the king fish. C ate the meat he carved out, the king fish still alive. The king slowly died an agonizing death. The hippo was too traumatized and frightened to lash out at C.

      4/30 Heavy Rain and more war:
      This dream reminded me of the game Heavy Rain because of the colors and scenes. The beginning of the dream was pretty fragmenty, with people running around a dark building trying to not die.

      The next part I was in a class. I was waiting for a professor so I could take the final exam. The professor entered the room and announced that the test was cancelled, we were being taken to become soldiers for the war. We suited up and were driven out to a battle field, watching the destruction pass by as we approached the action. The truck arrived at the center of the battlefield, and I was handed a metal detector and flamethrower. We were given metal detectors so that when we ran out of fuel for our flame thrower, we could search for more fuel cylinders or a new weapon among the dead in the field. I swiped two extra fuel cylinders, and walked into battle.
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    4. Green Hill Zone Fragments

      by , 04-25-2012 at 02:58 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      Fragment 1: My high school friends came to the house, which actually looked more like my uncle's house than my own. I suggested that they all go into the basement while I put on clean clothes. I offered pizza to my friends and family before I went upstairs to change. I hugged one of my friends, and I might have gone to a grocery store.

      Fragment 2: I was helping to roll up feathers, debris and grass clippings on a field with my friends. The field vaguely reminded me of Green Hill Zone from Sonic. After cleaning, I was holding a tub of fried chicken strips, and I let a buddy of mine take a piece. He chose a piece that was just a couple of coarse hairs attached to a skin flake. The hair and skin reminded me of my pig's, except pink and fried. My friend ate the fried skin and hair, unperturbed.

      Fragment 3: I was driving around in my car. I was out on the road at 6:47AM, and the two closest gas stations were closed. I figured that one would open at about 7, so instead of just parking and waiting, I drove back and forth between the two, hoping that one of the gas stations would open before I ran out of gas. I paid for the gas with a credit card.
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    5. Peanut Butter Crackers

      by , 04-23-2012 at 04:02 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      I was in my kitchen with many other people. My aunt was handing out crackers to the strangers in my house. People were becoming ill, and if they ate more than one pack of crackers and peanut butter, their condition would become much worse. I had two packs of the crackers. I didn't appear to be dying or zombifying.

      I don't remember anything else, my dream recall this morning was pretty bad.
      non-lucid , dream fragment