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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Zombie encounter at the store

      by , 08-04-2012 at 08:34 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      I was either traveling to China with my father, or already in China. I was in a store looking for a suitcase with a few dudes, then they were replaced by my crush, Jade. One of the suitcases had some glass compartments, and I thought, “they’d be perfect for storing food, even ice cream!”

      I saw that my dad had tried to call me on my phone, but my phone didn’t have service anymore. I asked to borrow Jade’s phone, and when I started pressing buttons, the phone was beeping. Jade grabbed the phone from me, hurriedly putting the phone on silent so we wouldn’t be heard. I urged her to hurry up, as people started to gather in the room we were in; they made me uneasy. Some of those people were missing limbs, or were smeared with blood.

      Just imagine the blood is a darker shade, closer to purple.

      Suddenly all of the merchandise in the room was gone, and there was just a circle of chairs. One man sat in a chair and started sharing a zombie story. Jade got excited and wanted to join.

      “Jade, don’t, we have to go.”

      “Caenis, you have to do what I say!” Good to know she's demanding even in my dreams. Jade sat down next to the man sharing the story, and quickly began sharing her own zombie story.

      I watched the crowd of bloodied and dazed people grow. Anxious, I abandoned Jade, making my way to the front of the store. The front of the store was dark, most of the lights had gone out. There weren’t any more humans, crowds of zombies passed me by. I peered in a room where a human corpse was sitting in a chair, with a severed zombie head on top of his. His head was crushed beneath the zombie head.

      I found the exit and wandered the streets. Zombies and humans ran chaotically through the city. Zombie blood sprayed my right cheek. I wiped it off and decided that I wouldn’t turn into a zombie from coming in contact with the blood. I observed a few zombies get struck by lightning, and thought it fitting that even nature was trying to retaliate against the zombies.

      I found a nice couple to travel with, and we walked to a Georgian city. We stopped in front of a large, elevated building. I looked up and muttered “No….” It was a train station. Though there were no zombies on the streets of Georgia, I knew zombies would pour out of that train station. People and zombies alike streamed out of the train station, and lightning struck the building causing an explosion.

      My hand was torn or bitten off. Determined to not become a zombie, the couple and I suddenly appeared in a room. They amputated part of my arm in hopes that the zombie infection would not spread. “Cauterize the wound” the woman declared while stretching and cutting my skin. My skin was peach-colored and transparent.

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    2. Intense back pain in dream

      by , 06-18-2012 at 12:55 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      It was recommended to me to have a second spinal fusion. I went along with it because I thought it would help. I was in first grade, but I was around 18 years old—as were all the other students.

      Despite just having surgery, I was not experiencing any pain. I was hardly participating in the class, and considered using my recent surgery as an excuse. As class went on, my level of discomfort and pain increased. I was about to leave the class when my fiancée showed up. She hugged me from behind, and became extremely irritable and scolded her for touching my back. She hugged me again more gently, but still touched my back, thus causing me pain. We hung out in the classroom, no longer paying attention to the teacher. We rummaged around the teacher’s desk, and asked the teacher if she had an audio jack in her computer. I decided to introduce my fiancée to my teacher, but forgot her name. Mrs. White introduced herself instead. Yet again my back was in great pain.

      During lunch, a colleague of Mrs. White’s visited the classroom, and performed some magic. He took several objects, and summoned the same objects from the past. For example, if the object was created in 2000, he would have summoned it from 2000, when it was brand new.

      The scene changed, and I was the passenger in a car. The pain was overwhelming. I laid down as best I could in the back seat, resting my head on my fiancée’s lap. I was almost crying from the pain by the end of the dream.
    3. China, mother and the moon

      by , 06-13-2012 at 06:10 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      My parents and I were going on vacation to Alaska. A man—a guide presumably—was planning our Alaska trip, but he was not a professional. Then my dream replaced the trip to Alaska with China. We were in a park with a lot of water or fountains. My dad and the guide were walking ahead, leaving a small girl behind—a female relative, I assumed she was my sister or cousin. She was left behind because, though she might have been full of energy at that moment, she’d be too slow or tire out quickly later on. I picked her up and carried her with us, but carrying her around was rather uncomfortable for me.

      We were supposed to go to Star River in China, but we went to Star River on the moon instead. We could breathe on the moon, which confused us. We saw astronauts in space suits, and a pile of poop. I poked it before realizing it was poop. The river was dried up, and had been dried up for years, but the erosion was still etched into the moon’s surface. The guide had intentionally misled us there. Other tours were led to the moon’s Star River instead of China’s Star River, it was a tactic used to waste time. We were disappointed that we were not at China’s Star River. We went back to China, and waited for our turn to take a tour of Star River. We waited in a cafeteria.

      The moon, Alaska and poop (it looked like my duck’s poop, which I have seen an awful lot of these past few weeks) were all residue from the day before. The little girl might have represented my mother--after all, she was only there when I did not see my mom. My mother is often left out of international travel plans because of her pain and movement issues. My father, sister and I went to China in March without inviting my mother, realizing that she’d be incapable of walking so much. She was rather depressed the week that we were gone, and I’ve felt bad about it ever since. I sometimes view my mother as a child: incapable of managing on her own anymore. I also need a lot of patience with her, like I would with someone younger. I have been offering to help her more at my inconvenience because I know she can’t manage on her own. I also try to protect her from my sisters’ judgements about her, even though my mom drives me crazy too.
    4. The civil war at home

      by , 05-31-2012 at 10:50 PM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      I visited the guest bedrooms in my house and found some young girls in there (cousins?). They had hidden away a good dozen or so friends of theirs who had run away from home. The girls were hiding in storage space. They begged me to not tell anyone. A couple of teenage boys appeared and they began to harm the girls in the room. Suddenly civil war broke out. I stepped outside and fishing hooks were being thrown around. I was pierced by fishing hooks twice while walking.

      POV left my body and entered the house again. A lady in my house was told to rape a man. She didn't seem too bothered by it, but while having sex with him, she saw a premonition of her future daughter dying at a young age--the daughter she saw was conceived during the rape. She sobbed and yelled "My daughter is dead" while holding onto the face of the man she was forced to have sex with. The man had already died.

      The dream moves on to a caretaker and the child she is raising. These women are starving. The caretaker gave chunks of her own flesh to ants, making the ants grow big and fat. She told her ward to take the ants and flee the house--the ants were to serve as food during the young lady's travels. The young lady does not wish to leave, but the caretaker yells at her, so the young lady escapes.

      The dream moves on to a group of men and a woman. They have been assigned the task of hunting down a man who has fled the house. This man has caught the gay disease. One man leads the others, trying to convince everyone and himself that being gay is not contagious. He does a poor job of convincing his group. Once they leave the house, they come across a flooded building with floating corpses. A few floors up, and there are sex/groping vending machines. They encounter the girl in the group, and while she is distracted by the sex machines, another man comes up behind her and has sex with her. The girl looks at the man and exclaims "Wow, you're really big." The man replies in a deep Batman voice, "Don't tell the Japanese." Apparently he did not want the Japanese to be jealous of him.