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    Side Notes

    1. China, mother and the moon

      by , 06-13-2012 at 06:10 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      My parents and I were going on vacation to Alaska. A man—a guide presumably—was planning our Alaska trip, but he was not a professional. Then my dream replaced the trip to Alaska with China. We were in a park with a lot of water or fountains. My dad and the guide were walking ahead, leaving a small girl behind—a female relative, I assumed she was my sister or cousin. She was left behind because, though she might have been full of energy at that moment, she’d be too slow or tire out quickly later on. I picked her up and carried her with us, but carrying her around was rather uncomfortable for me.

      We were supposed to go to Star River in China, but we went to Star River on the moon instead. We could breathe on the moon, which confused us. We saw astronauts in space suits, and a pile of poop. I poked it before realizing it was poop. The river was dried up, and had been dried up for years, but the erosion was still etched into the moon’s surface. The guide had intentionally misled us there. Other tours were led to the moon’s Star River instead of China’s Star River, it was a tactic used to waste time. We were disappointed that we were not at China’s Star River. We went back to China, and waited for our turn to take a tour of Star River. We waited in a cafeteria.

      The moon, Alaska and poop (it looked like my duck’s poop, which I have seen an awful lot of these past few weeks) were all residue from the day before. The little girl might have represented my mother--after all, she was only there when I did not see my mom. My mother is often left out of international travel plans because of her pain and movement issues. My father, sister and I went to China in March without inviting my mother, realizing that she’d be incapable of walking so much. She was rather depressed the week that we were gone, and I’ve felt bad about it ever since. I sometimes view my mother as a child: incapable of managing on her own anymore. I also need a lot of patience with her, like I would with someone younger. I have been offering to help her more at my inconvenience because I know she can’t manage on her own. I also try to protect her from my sisters’ judgements about her, even though my mom drives me crazy too.
    2. Fragments, erupting poop worms and a potential lucid?

      by , 05-08-2012 at 11:39 PM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      Something about a fluffy/fuzzy kitten. It was tiny. I was in a cabin with friends.

      I remember most of what I did in this dream, but I don’t remember any of the transitions. First I was in my room in the old house picking out clothes. Then I was at school, changing into the clothes. Another guy was taking photos and was in the room with me while I was changing. He declared that he had a boyfriend, so he didn’t want to see me change and turned around. Good to know, I didn’t want him seeing me naked either. I tweezed some hair off my chest while changing.

      Then I was back in my old house again. Some friends were in the dining room. One was from my first dream. I walked up to him and exclaimed “YOU! I had a dream about you last night!” That sounded creepy. “…Well, you were IN my dream, I didn’t have one just about you….” I informed him about the cat, and he told me “I’m a dog person.” Good to know.

      I went outside and there were ducks and geese all over the place. There were also duck heads laying on the ground. I couldn’t initially tell if they were dead or not. It didn’t quite click that a bodiless bird/animal could not possibly be alive. My sister led me around a corner so we could find some worms. She found a suitable pair of worms, with a line of goo connecting the two. They were initially small and bumpy. My sister handed me one of the worms and told me to squeeze the worm gently. The worm was suddenly as thick as my hand, and I squeezed. Poop erupted out of my sister’s worm, and an instant later my own worm. There was more fecal matter than worm. My sister declared, “I win!” Indeed she had. Her worm exploded poop the fastest, and created more poop than my worm.

      So I woke up for WBTB and wanted to try WILD, but had a lot of difficulty falling asleep after that. My mind began to wander. I was with a friend, Dani, and she was drawing while sitting on the floor. There was a mirror reflecting her. I stared at Dani and the reflection in the mirror. They were not exact. I stared a little longer. …There was no mirror! There were two Danis. I silently deduced, “This isn’t real.” I walked over to the original Dani and grabbed her scalp with my right hand. It seemed logical at the time. I think I decided to plug my nose with my left hand too? My head suddenly felt like it was spinning very quickly and I became very dizzy. I became more aware that I was in bed.
      It felt more like an elaborate daydream than a lucid dream, or maybe a mix between the two. I also didn’t physically feel anything—clothing, Dani’s head, my body. The only thing I felt was the spinning/dizzy sensation at the very end.

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