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    Proposal and Military Eggs

    by , 04-21-2012 at 03:51 PM (675 Views)
    First I was at some sort of school. I went to a science class, and I think I wanted the teacherís phone number. It was on a paper (maybe the syllabus?) but I did not take it. I liked either the teacher or one of the women in the class. I think that I had hoped that the teacherís number would help me contact the student.

    Was in a cafeteria/food court and was approached by a young man. He told me that I had good earning potential, and so he tried to convince me to marry him. I was engaged, so I refused. I was also turned off by the fact that I did not know this man. He explained that his ailing grandfather would leave lots of money to him if he was engaged. I asked him what the rush was, and he stated something like he didnít know when his grandfather would die. So he had to work fast. Once he realized that I wasnít going to change my mind, he moved to the table next to mine and found a girl to ask. She was happy to find she and the guy had common interests, and accepted the proposal. I was angry with the man for not explaining the circumstances to the girl. Then the girlís friend started talking about how the drunk dwarf men had all been hitting on her because she was short. I chuckled.

    Then at some later point, I was in charge of a portion of an army. We had three eggs, presumably duck or goose eggs. They were in a caravan that was carrying our supplies, but then I was told that the caravan was going to explode! I was told that I only had time to grab one egg. I looked at where the eggs were keptóin a fridge, like what you would see at grocery stores that are completely open in the front. The eggs were in containers filled with salad. I hesitated and wondered why I only had the time to save one egg. I also might have wondered why the eggs were being kept in a cold place rather than an incubator. But I grabbed two eggs and scampered off to safety. I attended a meeting for the army leaders, and everyone brought their own eggs to the meeting. To the right were huge blue eggs, larger than a personís head, and to the left the eggs were normal sized. I placed my two eggs on the table to the left and sat down in front of them. The army leader went to the front of the room and explained to us how being noble was considered a weakness. That was why we were ordered to grab only one egg. I asked a question about the eggs, and the answer I received infuriated me. I became dizzy with rage. I stated, ďSo itís okay to kill the eggs because itís just like an abortion!Ē Everyone in the room stared at me angrily. I was handed a black card, a sort of warning, so I put it in my mouth. I was reprimanded by a peer, so I bit down on the card and started drooling on it. I suddenly realized that the black card might have signified that my egg was to be destroyed. I was not bothered by this punishment, for I had a spare egg anyway.
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    1. Saizo's Avatar
      Interesting dream about the eggs. I've never heard of such training exercises but you never know.