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    1. March 7, 2023 11:20 am

      by , 03-07-2023 at 11:52 AM
      I was in the hallway at home, waiting for everyone to leave so I could go to the toilet, a high school girlfriend from my family shows up in our house because the family wanted us to stay in touch. I greet her and hug and we have some small talk as we notice both us us have grown.

      After she goes upstairs, I bunch of people are chilling in my hallway dresser in blue and orange parkas. They're film extras waiting for the shoot, but I jokingly tell them I thought everyone just had zero drip which causes them to laugh out loud. I then let them ask me questions and everyone excitedly holds up their hand, the first person whose name I guessed as "Levi" because he looked familiar (in hindsight like someone else I know, I know someone with that name but it's not him) who asked about me being German because of my family. The second guy I had trouble understanding, I feel bad that I had to ask them multiple times and walk up to them just to discover that he's from Belgium (It was a Dutch dream) and he was speaking in a very thick Belgian accent asking me if I would travel to his theatre play, I say of course as I've traveled to Belgium before and even all the way to Luxembourg. I then jump back on the bad with a crazy backflip.

      The scenario from my dream then changes to the waiting room being for a performance from the sound studies master students from Berlin, whom I've seen live in July. The performers in question come chill in the waiting room with us not knowing they have to get on stage in five minutes, they asked me about their schedule and I pull my my phone saying it's at :45 as I notice the time being :40 right now (Coincidentally also when I'm writing this) the performers rush ahead and my theatre school classmates and I walk towards the performance as well through the streets at the canals in Utrecht.

      As we walk towards the performance I brag to my former classmates about seeing them in Berlin. And they're all having this "he's talking about Berlin again face" (This has never happened in real life as I haven't spoken to most classmates in 3-4 years now, but is what my subconscious assumes their reaction would've been as I had this classmate who would always react to my online activities in person)
      This classmate asks me about the master "Oh so they were like 'Lets teach a bunch of kindergarteners some sound design' " then joked about them getting an assignment to make music out of an apple pie and later on a different pie and for some reason I was just responding with yes knowing damn well how disrespectful they were being but couldn't be bothered enough to argue. I then fortunately woke up.