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    1. February 28, 2023 6:58 am

      by , 02-28-2023 at 08:14 AM

      Sleep notes: Yesterday, I got to be part of a dope project I cannot disclose about that was a ten-hour-long day, I had to wake up very early to get there, had a breakfast smoothie, and bought a sandwich at the train station to eat as lunch later knowing it was gonna be a long day. It was genuinely a great experience, but I hate to admit this, they treated us poorly on terms of nutrition; Half of the catering consisted of sugar-heavy snacks (Which I didn't eat because I recently quit using sugar) and there was an this weird sweet tasting water that was in a bottle previously used for syrup, that was the only "normal" water, any other option was either cola or sparkling water. There was lunch, but not until 4 pm, which consisted of a very small portion of food and between lunch and eating that sandwich at the end of the day I barely ate because there was nothing but candy and soda available. I ate my sandwich from earlier in the train home, and two bites from my dinner before going to bed early. Safe to say, I suffered a great headache as well as a lot of dizziness yesterday due to poor nutrition and lack of hydration. It's gone now, fortunately.

      Anyways, here's my dream:
      I believe I was at another field trip of some sort, the same girl from the previous dream and I were once again going to share a hotel room, we hugged and made out, but we were both a little drunk so we didn't go any further than that. That and I also had to go to the bathroom really badly and found myself going though random hotel rooms looking for a vacant toilet because why should I use the one in my room. Finally back from the toilet, I get back in bed with her and we were about to sleep when a guy I knew from theatre crashed into our room to give us a college lecture through a projector which was already installed there. As he asked us questions we answered and he laughed, his laugh (and in hindsight also his appearance) resembled Eric from Sex Education.

      A blonde teacher I cannot recall walks into the room and logs into the computer and changes all her folder names to the new class she will he teaching after the head of department from my old theatre school gave her the opportunity to teach her the class she dreamed about. I'm trying to listen to her story, but the setting of the dream has now changed to a classroom whose interior vaguely resembles that of a theatre and cinema foyer as well as the Eye film museum in Amsterdam but in a dark, metal colour. In the classroom sat my old classmates from theatre school complaining about how her changing subjects will somehow affect their studies, but they were doing that while she was talking about her dream class and why she wanted to pursue that which I wanted to hear more about, buy couldn't. I got up from my seat and stood closer to listen, eventually telling the class to shut up and only have one person at a time speak, this angered the class and they all started getting mad at me which didn't help my sensory overload either. They felt threatened by my presence as I was still standing between them and the blonde teacher, who didn't step in once, and my body language seemed defensive in an aggressive way apparently.
      Kids from the class get up and tried to pull me out of class, I refuse. They then get the head of department there whom I'm glad is here so I can explain the situation to him, but he angrily grabs me by my wrist and pulls me out of class then tries to find a vacant room, opens a random door in the hallway that leads to an unknown room. We sit down, but as we're about to talk, I wake up and can't get back to sleep to dream about something else because I was fully rested with eight hours of sleep for once!

      It was an interesting dream to say the least. The girl from the hotel room from both dreams, is a girl I haven't seen in years now and barely spoken to, let alone thought about for a year now, too. The theatre school part has been more common, though. I should definitely see a therapist about that. Because although this type of situation didn't ever take place in real life, there is a lot of unresolved theatre school trauma I personally still struggle with that still lingers my mind and gets triggered at the most random situations.

      Also the hotel rooms as well as the labyrinth of hallways were all pink coloured.

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    2. February 22, 2023 9:13 am

      by , 02-22-2023 at 09:39 AM
      I slept in an uncomfortable position with my head between my pillows and bad a collection of short, strange dreams.

      • I was working different audiovisual related jobs, such as operation a radio tower
      • I was in a pop up bank in Utrecht Central Station, where a robbery started to happen and had people with rifles and RPGs shoot the place. I try to distract the robbers and make a run for it towards the exit, but suddenly wake up. I might've been shot and woke up or forced myself to wake up until realising that I was dreaming.
      • Half asleep, half awake after waking up from that terrifying bank dream, I stare into the dark as my tired brain generates psychedelic visuals of a vibrantly coloured desert where I blow away the sand, and come across strange, colourful creatures
      • I had my theatre school graduation, my family as well as the women that did my hair were there, one of my family members was playing GTA on their laptop and I've been told my classmates and school walked by during an inappropriate scene from the game

      There were more, but I forgot what happened. A lot of capitalism-themed dreams, and I know exactly why :U Can't disclose yet but I'm happy about it
    3. February 20, 2023 10:32 am

      by , 02-20-2023 at 10:57 AM
      I have rehearsals for a theatre play. During lunch break, one of my cast mates shows a video on her phone of a rental bike getting hit to pieces by a car. She's laughing going "Who's bike is this?!" It was mine. The cast members let me join their carpool to get to the station. It's a car without a rooftop.

      During the car ride home, we drive past some tourists, one of them tries to cut a piece from my hair with scissors. I keep a pair of scissors close for defense. Another tourist comes by asking of we can take a pic where it looks like I hit him with a mallet. One of the cast members falls asleep on my lap.
      We seem to be riding through a desert road with buildings with colourful lights in the background.

      The car arrives in Utrecht, we take the subway which exists there in my dream to Utrecht Central station. After carrying the sleeping cast member there, they all leave the train without saying goodbye.

      As I exit the station, I get my phone and ask my cast mate of she can send the video of my rental bike getting ran over to me. In the meantime, I come across an old classmate from 5th grade who enjoys singing at the train station. He's upset because the bike he had since he was little has been stolen, I suggest the idea making a Facebook post, but he refuses.

      We go to his student flat and I join in on all the banter. Apparently they stuffed their toilet with cotton balls and haven't been able to flush it since. They hold a contest who can flip the chairs the coolest. Everyone finally goes to sleep and I sleep in the guest bed next to the clogged toilet which still got used in the meantime and I could smell it. I fall asleep there and woke up for real as if I just transferred worlds.

      Even at the end of the dream, I was still trying to reach that girl regarding the rental bike video, glad to see that even in my dreams, I got my priorities straight.
    4. February 6, 2023

      by , 02-06-2023 at 11:25 AM
      I went on a bus ride with a bunch of obstacles.

      It starts off at the train station where I see my friend, who's a model, and his friend stopping someone whose leaning forward as they're trying to end it all because they're struggling with their identity. I get uncomfortable and start running back home, I hear a Dutch YouTuber whom I occasionally watch talk in his podcast as he's talking the person at the train station out of it. It starts getting dark and stormy when I think I'm walking into the street home until I check Google Maps which, after it keeps moving around due to the raindrops on my screen, finally shows me that I ended up on a random island on the opposite side of the direction home.

      A bus then stops in front of me, it's my friend's theatre coach sitting in one of those small buses I took twice when I was in Leusden. Also reminds me of those special education buses from when I was younger. He told me that he's going to Utrecht and that I can join them, saying I'd have to pay half of my bus fare. I enter the bus in the front seat as he starts driving off. The bus is full with students. We enter this neighborhood in Kanaleneiland (very similar to the route of my special education bus commute now that I think about it) where we see a bunch of children playing on the street, the community police officers move the first children away, but a bunch of stubborn children stay on the road, even after the bus driver honked. The bus driver then carefully drives past every child like a game of Frogger.

      After getting out of that neighborhood, we drive through a difficult forest path without any roads. Things go smooth until we end up having to cross a lake in which the bus drives straight into the water. The bus driver then asks me to help him kick the windshield off. After several attempts, the water pressure does the job for us as the bus slowly sinks into the lake. We then defy the law of physics by moving our weight to the back of the bus and balance out the amount of water in the bus in order for us to drive forward. A fat kid stands up from his seat (the bus driver and I were the only ones doing things) and joins us as he goes to the back of the bus to balance the weight.
      I then get out of the bus and push the bus from behind and it successfully drives out of the lake. Another passenger joins me to save a small trailer that contained a basket full of pets that was attached to the bus. (Why the basket with pets wasn't just in the bus itself is beyond me. We recover the basket and get back in the bus where we stop by a student dormitory, we drop off all the cats and hamsters that were in the basket and reunite them with their owners and families.

      All the pets from the bus ride are nervously shaking from the extreme bus ride. I then ask if this was the final destination to which the students look at me with a smug face and tell me there's more. Unfortunately for them, I woke up.