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    April 1, 2023 6:38 am

    by , 04-01-2023 at 06:05 AM (201 Views)
    My school has their introduction camp and we all go to this old cinema buliding where we all get a room to prepare our bags. I'm late and hear the glockenspiel already that's announcing the bus taking off. As I go downstairs to my room to pack my bag I see two girls from high school also still downstairs and I'm relieved I'm not the only late person.

    I go upstairs and the bus is about to take off, we go to this fictional place in Noord Holland which has the same name as a chat term we use at work so I can't write it here. Apparently I was the guide at the introduction camp of the new theatre school students but I end up leaving earlier.

    I then work at a Nike store owned by an elderly couple, I want to take over their store which is only possible if they get a divorce. I go to the bathroom, which is apparently at the entrance of the store, but actually in the open instead of a private room. As I prepare for the shower, a popular lightskin dude comes and films me and turns showering into a music video while his fanbase was watching through the windows.

    They finally finish and leave, I turn down the blinds and curtains so the I can shower for real, a desperate customer tries to enter as I hold the door closed. I notice a bunch of customers still needing to leave, the elderly couple walks along them, telling me they got the divorce and I now own the store..

    Sitting in the train on my way to a new job, I think about the fact that the elderly couple divorced because of me and I pretty much just ruined their lives. I check Google Maps but the layers are 3D and the route's height updates as well. I then wake up and hear my alarm clock.

    Dream was in Dutch up until the Nike store when it became English.

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    1. CaesarVD's Avatar
      Forgot to add this but someone before these events I has another dream where in some Mandela Effect type of fashion, I had another roommate that lives in the garden shed.