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    Demon, father, Tywin and Joffrey

    by , 08-21-2013 at 08:38 PM (392 Views)
    False awakening where I was thinking about what a great dream I'd just had and that I'd have to remember it - I then forgot it, except that it involved a demon, humanoid, sitting at a desk, wearing a scarf and hat and heavy coat to disguise his features, although his scarf's lowered so his clearly-not-human face is visible right now, rather amiable.

    Dream continued from that false awakening with a trying-to-accomplish-a-simple-task-but-things-keep-going-wrong storyline, mostly in IRL settings - first about trying to record that demon dream, then briefly about trying to get some work done, then about me and my IRL father trying to meet up.

    Trying to make some deal with Tywin regarding one of the men working under me, I'm seeing Tywin and Joffrey in the same place for the first time since Joffrey was an infant, and looking at them together, I'm trying to see some sign in Joffrey that he's inherited anything of his grandfather's character. There's nothing in common, except that in this light, they both have a sickly green cast to their skin.

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