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    by , 12-16-2015 at 10:42 PM (336 Views)
    A high-ranking mortal man is reminiscing about a woman he'd been involved with - the queen from the other night's dream, now in a modern setting, and not a queen here though I'm going to keep calling her that for lack of something better. This man had a sort of fixation on images of people with horns like demons. She had encouraged this, and gave him the idea of having scars where the horns should be; she'd helped him in scarring himself.

    She's looking up at a statue of a bull with a human face, like a lamassu with horns. It's a religious statue, but this isn't somewhere religious - it's an important government building. As she watches, it becomes animated and begins to speak with her fondly. It refers to her as putting things in order - I think of Ma'at.

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