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    A row of spears and three peaches

    by , 05-02-2014 at 08:30 PM (518 Views)
    Fragment involving Odin and Thor. And later a fragment involving Persephone, which referenced an older dream where the McKittrick had been a journey to the Underworld.

    I'm hanging from a tree, holding onto a branch with both hands, dangling above rows of spears planted in the ground. I believe I've been slipping in and out of a dreamworld, and I need to get back, there's something there I need to accomplish. I consider that this place might also be a dream - but whether it is or not, I still believe I need to get back to that other dreamworld.

    Below me, just beyond the rows of spears, there's a woman who reminds me in some fashion of a lizard. If she'll do me a favor that will help me get back to that dreamworld, I promise her a jar of three peaches. Someone else has promised her two peaches to do something different - that someone else is a good friend of mine, but we haven't been able to consult with each other recently, so we've accidentally wound up getting in each other's way. Now the lizard-woman's torn, deciding between the two offers, but I'm thinking it'll work out well for her whichever way she goes.

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