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    Clyde Machine

    Resisting Conversion from Morgan Freeman

    by , 10-18-2011 at 04:51 PM (609 Views)
    I am in an unfamiliar house with many other people. It's clearly some kind of social gathering for older adults, with whom I somehow blend in. While mingling I come across the host, a black man in a white robe who looks like Morgan Freeman, but younger. He is addressing the whole room and although I don't hear all his words, I realize he's about to go around the room asking what everyone's spiritual beliefs are, and it becomes apparent that it is a move to single me out as the only non-believer in the room.

    Of course, he goes straight to me and places his hands on my shoulder, smiling wordlessly, expecting me to profess my beliefs. I tell him uncomfortably that I'm atheist, which leads the whole room to let out an awkward laugh. The host turns to the crowd gathered around us and mentions that I am in need of saving and that I need to accept their God, clearly assuming I'd simply not been exposed to it. I correct him in his assumption and say, "I was born Catholic, raised Christian, and chose to be an agnostic atheist." This was more disturbing to them, which produced an even more awkward laugh. I laugh myself, feeling less uncomfortable than before, and am left alone.

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