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    Junk cereal dream

    by , 08-26-2021 at 01:28 AM (160 Views)
    I had this werid dream a couple of weeks ago. For some reason Mom had gotten me a lot of junk cereal. One I don't think was a real cereal (Can't remember what it was called but the colours were simliar to Cimminaon toast crunch) but I do remember that on the front had Donald Duck on it. I think that was after an entirely different dream which involved Disney ducks and an area and hockey and Hockey I Shrank the Kid/Honey we Shrunk Ourselves and Murphy's law all mixed in one. . Let's just say the hockey game was one Murphya's law after another. But in the cereal dream beside Mom buying me the boxes of ever-single-possible-junk food we had to put the junk cereal everwwhere on both sides of the railing which seperates the living room from the dinning room.
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