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    ANOTHER FA chain and a pretty short lucid.

    by , 10-03-2011 at 11:23 AM (495 Views)
    Non-Dream Dream Lucid

    Ok so this was completely by chance this happened. I just exhausted after waking up at 3A.M. for no good reason. SO I wanted to stay awake and yet I fell asleep, and this is what followed.

    I woke to myself shaking violently, like vibrations, I quickly knew (thought) I was having a WILD so I went with the flow and I was in my room. I did an RC and it worked, I was tired though. I don't know why, but the dream destabilized and I False Awakened into my room again, I did another RC and it worked, only this time I did more to stabilize it. I rubbed my hands together then got up and went into the kitchen. It was dark and I rubbed down my whole body on the way there, to ground myself more. I went over to the Refridgerator (sorry if I spelled it wrong) and opened it in search of dream food because I wanted another taste of dream food, not just a saliva smoothie. So I searched and it was empty. My mom started to walk into the room and talk to my, I was thinking about asking her if she knew she was in my dream, but I quickly discarded the thought and went outside. It was a bright, sunny day, much different then the darkness in my house. I decided to have some fun so I ran to this one patch of grass around my house, It was fairly large. It had a treeline hugging it to the North, East, and West. With a road the parted it and split into a "T" shape on the other side of the row of trees. I ran down into the grass spot which some army men were standing around, it was downhill from the road. I heard a voice say "Caramel Apples are not only delicous but make you really strong" (The TV was on and my mind was twisting the words) and I look back up at the road once I walk to the army men and their is a group of enemies on the road. I immediatly call for mortar strikes and everything got crazy. Mortars were started raining down from the sky at them. Like giant, bullet-shaped rain drops, but they had a forcefield of sorts, all the mortars were bouncing away a couple of inches from the group. All you could here was the screaming of the mortars flying through the air and the enemies shooting. Two helicopters then came around. One picked up the enemy group and the other headed to the other side of the trees. It was an enemy helicopter that wasn't meant to be there. Me and this girl ran to the other side of the trees, and the helicopter crashed near us. It's deadly spining blades were getting close to cutting me in have, and got the girl in the lip. I was wondering where our helicopter was when it bursted from above the treeline. It landed about 10 meters away from us. We escaped the range of the crashed helicopter. Which was smoking, but eventually was able to fly away. We loaded up into the helicopter. We put our stuff down and the girl was talking about where one of the helicopter blades got her. AND THEN I WAKE UP.

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