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    The Bomb Plot

    by , 09-11-2011 at 03:04 PM (566 Views)
    So I was in a fancy room in my school, like a room from a long time ago when people wore a lot different clothes than today. Hard to explain. Anyways I was sitting at a table of four people, two were my friends Jacob and Anthony. A waiter served us six kinds of cake. One of the other people at our table handed me a plate and cut some pieces of the cake off for me, I ate a little bit but not much because of what I started to her. Someone started talking about how there was a bomb in the school that had been removed recently, evrybody was on edge, I looked over and Anthony was still there but Jacob wasn't. Me and Anthony talked a little and he got up to use the restroom. I notice on the table a blue folder and three phones. The blue folder was Jacob's and the thre phones were our's. I quickly flipped through the folder. It was cooking recipes, but something wasn't right. The numbers wern't adding up with the recipes. The numbers were in the thousands. This was definitley not for cooking, this was probably for another bomb, I immediatley took the phones, there were notes tucked in the phones. One was from Anthony to Jacob, but I didn't have time to read it, I quickly took the note and the folder and left the room. I forgot to give Anthony back his phone so I walk back in and give to him, I said "Somebody must have left it on that table or something". Then I left again. I picked up the folder on the table, as I walked down the hall I saw a teacher, I immediatley said "I have some classified eyes only paper for the decoder!" So she walked back up the hallway, we see him going down the hallway as well, she tells him about it and he waves us to follow him. Went went right down another hallway and it was the first door on the right. We go in and he is having class. Some people I recognized, so people I didn't. I Sat next to his desk as he tried decoding it, a projecter was playing a movie for the class to watch. My friend, Tevon, kept looking over at me. So I mouthed the word "What?" he just shrugged. Then we wer watching it, I dosed off to nap. I woke up and still was in the same room. The Decoder as I would like to call him turned off the movie and and asked everyone to go into the lab. They were all wearing the blue aprin and headset a surgeon would wear, or a HAZMAT person would. They all went into the lab, I was at lost what to do. So I just sat there and whatched as they all filed into the glass walled lab room adjacent to the room I was in. They all sat down at some desks and we all watched as two men with the same Surgeon/HAZMAT suits as the kids brought into the classroom, not the lab, a pressure cooker is what I heard. They went around the teachers desk, it was tall so it blocked the view of what they were doing. I started to feel wierd and then I woke up.

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