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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. The Dream, The Lucid, and the Five FA's

      by , 09-17-2011 at 03:37 PM (The Mind of a Dreamer)
      Non-Dream Dream Lucid

      I was at school and I was in class, I stepped out to use the restroom. The dream skips and I walk back into the hallway and class was over. I looked at the time and it was 9:03 P.M. Scool was over 6 hours ago! I freaked out and ran to the front doors, cars were still picking up kids and I walked outside and saw my dad drive around and he drove up on the side walk and almost crashed into the school. I stared at the car for a few seconds and then the dream stopped.
      I was riding in a car down a road surrounded by trees and I did the nose plug reality check and realized I was dreaming, I rubbed my hands (which was a new experience for me) in an attempt to stabilize but the dream disappeared and it everything went black. I went with the flow and opened my eyes. I was in a school hallway and did a reality check and verified I was dreaming. The dream yet again went black and when I opened my eyes I was in the same car, on the same road and doing the same thing as the first FA. And of course the dream went black and when I opened my eyes I was in my room, but I was so tired even after I did the reality check I didn’t want to do anything but sleep. So I closed my eyes, then I opened them again and found that I was on the road in the car AGAIN, I did a reality check and validated it was a dream. I quickly got out of the car in fear of the dream faded and closed my eyes to teleport; I imagined a city, when I opened them I was looking down on a small portion of a city from about 300 feet up. I could see a large body of water hugging the city through the darkness of the night. Apartment and business buildings were everywhere. In the middle of my view was a 50ft lamp pole lighting up a four lane street. Then I teleported to the ground and into a bar, I see two men just standing around and hanging out. I wanted to get a task done so I approach one and start delivering punishing blows to his face and abdomen, followed by a finishing kick to the stomach, and he hit the ground. I did the same thing to the other guy. I casually left the bar and walked along the sidewalk next to the bar and saw a little shop/bistro thing. I walked inside and approached the empty reception counter. I reached into my back pocket and grabbed a red pill out. It was a magical pill that would allow me to use powers in case I needed to. I popped it into my mouth. It had that nasty plastic taste, so I imagine the flavor as watermelon, and it became watermelon which allowed it to go down easier. I walked over to a table where the clerk was standing. I decided to give him money for what happened to the people in the bar. I reached back into my back pocket again for some cash but instead just felt two other magic pills. I looked up and saw he was waiting for something. So I imagined a suitcase filled with a million dollars in my hand. When I looked down, I saw a black suitcase, no bigger than a laptop and no thicker that a shoebox cradled between my arm and side. I grabbed it and plopped it down on the table, filled with a million dollars. The man was ecstatic about it. I walked out and teleported to my school, I was facing some doors that lead outside. I was about 15 feet away and I wanted to summon my dream airship I have been creating in waking life, I imagined that and walked outside, but I got a surprise. I looked up and an airship was floating down against the blue sky. It almost silently landed on the road next to the school; you could hear the propeller lightly rotating. Everybody was amazed because it was unmanned. I was so fascinated by what I had summoned. It was only fit for one person to ride in , It had a “T” shape, with the cockpit in the front, decorative balloons stretched out from each side like wings, and a large fin used for steering. At the end of the fin was a small propeller. It was a neat little device but I teleported back to the city. I say the open doorway of the shop which was showing a re-run of what I was previously doing in there, I walked in and the “past me” ran past me, bumping into me before heading out the door. I looked over at some counters and saw a blender, perfect to make a smoothie. I turned it on and it buzzed to life, but it was making cotton candy. I asked myself “Why the heck is this not making me my smoothie?!?!?!?” So I inspected it and upon further inspection it was on cotton candy mode, I picked it up and flipped the switch and it turned to smoothie mode. It already had ice, so I added bananas and strawberries and before I could turn it on I had to get the lid. The room was filled to my chest in water. I was holding the machine up and I saw the lid floating in the water, I tried to walk forward but I couldn’t, there was too much water, annoyed I used telekinesis to bring it towards me. When I put the lid on and turned it on all the water dried up and disappeared. Within a second the smoothie was done. It had the consistency of yogurt though. Still holding the thing I want into a line of my peers and asked if they wanted any of my smoothie. They replied no. I shrugged, and, not finding any cups around, I just drank out of the blender. It tasted like strawberry at first, then banana, I didn’t really care for the taste though so I tossed it aside and went towards a wall and ripped a rectangular hole in it. There were two hobos in a room sitting next to one of those barrels with fires in them. I didn’t much care for them so I tore another hole through the next wall and found a tiny office room filled with shotguns, I realized I had stepped into the wrong room because people spotted me, I quickly picked up a shotgun, but it had no ammo. A man burst through the doorway chasing after me. When I got back inside the store he took shots at me, but instead of me getting buck shots embedded inside me, they fell to the ground and started making weird noises. I asked him “Why are they doing that?” I laughed and then I woke up for real.
    2. Just some dream Fragments

      by , 09-09-2011 at 11:16 PM (The Mind of a Dreamer)
      Dream fragment 1:
      I was walking with my friends Emily and Tori around a town that I didn't recognize. The sun was shining and it felt good. We had to make our way through the large amount of people walking to and from different places, we turned a corner to go down a short alley way and I started talking about the class president speeches that made me not get to eat lunch at the normal time. Tori (the one who thought of the speeches) didn't reply, she said goodbye to Emily and went left towards some more houses after we get out of the alley. Me and Emily go right, we entered a feild of grass that was as short as that on a golfing range, surrounded by trees, a hill, and more houses to the left. Emily made the comment we should go to Sonic and grab something to eat. I aggreed and we headed up a hill, and and I cuts off.

      Dream fragment 2:
      I walked into a dimly lit room. The floor was made of dirt and even the window had a film of dust on it. As as I am in there I wake up.

      Dream fragment 3:
      I was outside talking to one of my friends, Dakota. He was sitting in a desk out beside my house telling jokes as usual. The sun was setting so I walked into a shed to use my computer and I didn't want to be disturbed. The shed had no light, and my computer wass next to the door, and is on. The shed had two doors and as I was trying to close the first door and I notice my parents come out of the house, I desperatley try and lock it but to no use. They were seconds away from noticing me.

      Dream fragment 4:
      I was in the same room as dream fragment 2, same spot and everything, except there were lots of people and a projection on on of the walls, they seemed to be talking about something, and a couple wore some red head pieces, that of which I do not remember exactly what they looked like
    3. The Journey to Defeat Ghosts

      by , 09-04-2011 at 05:02 PM (The Mind of a Dreamer)
      Non-Dream Dream Lucid

      Well here's my first official Dream Journal entry, so enjoy!

      I was in a house with one of my friends. We were being terrorized by some ghosts, and there was no way of escaping them, we quickly ran into a room that was only lit by one flickering tan-colored candle, cylindrical in shape, but it was very fat. Apparently the ghosts wouldn't set foot inside the room as long as the candle was lit, so me and my friend took two of the spare candles and climbed out the window and down to the street. We went to the outskirts of the city to a lake, and we went to a boat dock with a man, the oracle of the city, sitting on it. He told us the candles were used by some ancient people to cross the desert with camels, and they held power against ghosts if you used them right, he also talked about five amulets that would give you the full power against our ghostly foes. I flicked on my HUD's (Heads Up Display's) mini radar and saw to my disdain multiple blips--ghosts-- coming right at us, from under the water, so we knew it was time to enter the city again and also look for the five amulets scattered across the city. We went back in the city and found three falcons. Which we talked to them then I became one. And I flew around the city, the city held an enormous building in the center, and least 100 feet tall and 100 feet wide, it resembled that of a church, but it was just the city center. Buildings that were rectangular in shape and built of stone, but much smaller than the city center, sat parallel to the center. With just enough room for two cars to go by, but there were no cars, only people. So I flew down into a shop filled with candy and other groceries. On top of one of the freezers (like you see in grocery stores) was one of the amulets. It had a red jewel in the center, I quickly put it away and went to the second store and found the second amulet under a box of Snickers. As I flew away to go to the third place, I woke up.