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    Dannon Oneironaut

    Dannon's Journal of dreaming.

    by , 06-27-2010 at 05:53 PM (1044 Views)
    This is a dream from last year:
    Flying Cats
    I am by a small tree in a meadow near the edge. I am sitting under the tree trying to figure out a rubik's cube but just when I am about to solve it all the colors are all messed up again. I notice a shadow fall on me so I turn around and look into the tree. There is an owl sitting on the branch looking at me. Then it swoops out of the tree and turns into half-cat in midair. As it lands it turns into all cat. The cat comes up and rubs against my legs and I pet it. It is purring. Then another owl jumps out of the tree and turns into a cat and comes over. Pretty soon there are about five owls jumping out of the tree turning into cats and jumping back, turning into owls and landing back in the tree. They keep doing this. As they land they roll around on their backs like happy cats when they get high on catnip. They are like little owl/cat griffins.

    Another dream from last year:

    The Story Time Cafe Presents: A Night In the Faerie Kingdom
    I am with Mieko one late full moon night in a park. I give her one of my magic potions. We share it actually. It is Datura and Mushroom tea I want to show her a little bit of my world, you know? Because she has never known anything out of the ordinary.

    We walk around and we walk up to a large oak tree. There is a wooden door in the side of the oak tree with a brass knocker on it and a doornob and wrought iron hinges. "Watch this!" I say and I knock on the door. An old elf lady answers the door. She is about four feet tall and wearing a shawl.
    "Come in, come in!" She says. Mieko seems apprehensive so I smile at her as if to say "It's alright, come on." And we walk in down a spiral staircase. The old lady is very happy to have us there. The stairway opens into a large living room/kitchen. It is dimly lit. She introduces us to her husband who is an old hippie elf. He looks like he had a hard life smoking pot so he decided to retire, relax and smoke pot, you know the kind? He smiles at us but seems too stoned to talk.
    The wife offers us some cookies (elves make the best cookies) but I politely decline and I give Mieko a look as if to say "don't eat food from this world if you want to come back." The wife says that the cookies used to turn out better when they used wood to burn in the oven, but the park rangers made them switch to gas. I think that is funny that 1. the park rangers even know you guys are here, and 2. They could make you change from wood to gas.
    Together the husband and wife lead us back to the staircase which goes deeper into the ground. I can see that there is a whole world down there! Or a whole underground city village full of little houses like this. The husband says "Won't you go deeper?" I want to go but Mieko wants to go home and fold laundry.
    So we don't go. We climb back up the stairs and out the tree trunk and there we are next to the old oak tree again. The breeze blows the branch aside and a beam of moonlight lands on me and when it does, I see that really I am all alone burying a toad under the tree! It is kind of like in the first pirates of the Caribbean movie when the moon shines on the bad pirates you see who they really are: skeletons. But in this case I was really alone burying a toad, not with Mieko! I felt confused like I was having a Datura flashback.

    Anyway, that lasts for only a second and Mieko and I go into town to a place called "The Story Time Cafe". This is a place parents can bring their children at night with their sleeping bags and pillows and leave them there while the employees read the kids stories all night so the parents can go out. All the parents are going to this concert so we go also.

    At the concert I wander away from Mieko and run into the old hippie elf! He has some more hippie elf friends with them and they ask me to be in their band! They like the way I play music. I say "Well, I'll have to think about it. I don't think I can make it down underground for practice that often."
    "That's OK!" said the hippie elf. "We can come up here to practice, but we will have to play shows underground." "Alright!" I say.

    I run into Mieko again and I tell her about it but she says that I won't have time to be in a band because I have to mow the lawn everyday.

    Then I am on the stage at the Story Time Cafe telling this to the kids. It was all a story I was telling! I am sitting up in a sleeping bag on stage.

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