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    1. flying through city

      by , 09-06-2014 at 06:57 AM
      YES! I went back to sleep (considering it's saturday and didn't have to do anything) and more dreams happened. (Didn't consider exactly how much dreams or the richness of their content much still I started recording them here).

      I didn't do any technique, this just happened. But I will say I was praying, and part of my prayer I had asked for better dreams and Lucid dreams. Also my room feels 10 times lighter since I got rid of the sonic doll. So now seems it was granted pretty much straight away! (Jesus Christ is awesome) So I really am grateful. Thought I should record it soon as possible and I guess this is where I write everything for now.

      I was at my old neighborhood talking with a friend use to know there, and I was looking at the sun and noticed it looked a bit different. And I say jokingly hey the sun looks like a portal. He looked at it, and it started opening like a portal. My friend was amazed by what happened next was kind of kool. It basically started moving more and more, and it was like a vehicle in the yard I can't explain how it transformed but eventually it was like shooting bullets. I started to flee from it, as it had turned basically into a some sort of battle tank. Then it was coming towards us, and I thought it's definitely going to shoot us now.

      (other details of dream but no time to explain everything)
      Since this was a very strange dream, I went sort of into lucid mode right here, and thought, okay, lets make this into a car chase. And I started looking for a car to drive (seem to do this a lot, my dream self is obsessed with car racing). I went to go in this really poor 1960s car for a joke, but when I got in, it had no steering wheel. So I thought ok screw that. I couldn't really find any car that I liked. So I simply created one. Some blue really rockin car.

      With the tank behind me, I started making buttons in the car, to shoot out bullets out the back lol. And I had fun with that for a while, this thing wasn't really any match for me when I was Lucid. I think it's the same spirit that attacked me in my last dreams. Then I saw the brisbane river and I was going pretty fast and this is when the dream turned into an explosion of realism, I turned my car into a flying device with another button, and started drifting over the river, by this time whatever was attacking me in my dreams (through the tank sun thing) it had faded away as my clarity had increased. I now was in awe of the river, the city in general, looked so beautiful, and I was trying to examine the scenery while I was flying through the air. Sometimes I fly without anything, but since I had turned my car into basically a flying machine I was going extremely fast almost like a plane. It was pretty amazing as I could see things way more clear than in real life, every detail of the buildings, the lights, the water, that free feeling you get when your in total clarity in a dream. I considered it was time to start experimenting or to verify something in this place. So I started looking over everything in the city, for things in the dream to see if I could verify some information. I went over to a football field and noted a game being played out. I can't remember the score of the game but the ball came my way, and I threw it back, and the referee said, see it's people like that we need to thank, (lol dont know ). Then I think with the beauty of everything that I became distracted in trying to verify some information I could bring back or something, and I had started recording lotto numbers, on a screen not that i expectedIto win lotto was actually trying to get results that already had come up) thinking that if I wrote the 6 numbers or so down I could verify that I had obtained some information. After writing them for a bit I thought this is pointless, I should be seeking God directly, so I stopped and sought out a different plan, for some reason this guy started irritating me, I don't know why but I punched him. His friend said, if I were you I would go fight him. I thought maybe this is good boxing practice, so I started boxing with him, which was kind of fun for a while, I wanted to do other stuff but the dream had ended. I think I lost my Lucid ability to go further because I did something inappropriate.

      (notes: First mistake, trying to verify information in dream in wrong way. Does not work to go looking for things in the way that I did, that's not what that dream dimension is for and it seems to lead to chaos. Secondly too violent, almost to the point of bullying a dream character. I think if I reflect on these mistakes, I can get better success next time, as I'm still learning and all my faults come out in my dreams which I wouldn't otherwise know about. It's also interesting to see a pattern of attack in my dream, which i don't think comes from me, but it real demonic force involved fighting me in the actual dream world)

      That's all for now.
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