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    Side Notes

    1. The Classroom

      by , 05-14-2011 at 12:48 AM (Nude Pictures of Myself)
      I'm sitting in class across from Milan and we're playing paper football, ignoring a nonsensical and hypocritical rant from Ms. Kaminiarz. I hear her ask Dennis to go write something on the board and whilst he's up there, he tells a joke. Everyone finds it hilarious, I hardly laugh. Some girl starts up a conversation with me about school and I notice Tawnya glancing over with an annoyed look. I get the impression that she think I`m interested in this girl but I'm not. A little while later, I notice someone rubbing/massaging my back. It strikes me as odd and I'm not sure who it is; I have a feeling it's the girl to my right (the DC named Courtney from a few previous dreams) but then I go "it couldn't be, what would she want with me?"I decide that it's probably Courtney (from Caf class) who's sitting behind. I can't remember what happened next but I know I had a false awakening after.

      I'm not sure but I think this was my subconscious trying to tell me to stop settling for less.
    2. Possible SD

      by , 01-19-2011 at 02:01 AM (Nude Pictures of Myself)
      More notes for myself:

      - Attempted a WILD by visualizing a landscape (a forest) then I visualized myself looking down at my feet as I walked and recreated the sound of footsteps.
      - A minutes or so into it I was dreaming but I had no control of the dream or even a body, it was like watching a movie.
      - I had to follow two girls, I couldn't turn away when I tried.
      - I could read the mind of one (who turned out to be my dream guide, Catie) but not the other (her name was never mentioned so I'll call her DC2).
      - Catie seemed to know this was a dream, which struck me as odd since most other DCs never seem to. DC2 didn't.
      - Catie was like the "main character" of the dream, DC2 was just there to tag along.
      - Catie did several reality checks and then start looking for someone.
      - DC2 pointed at something and Catie turned to look.
      - It was me, or at least a projection of me. Since I had no body and was simply observing the dream, I had no conscious connection with this "other me."
      - They tried to get the attention of the "other me" but it didn't see them. It looked like it was looking for something.
      - I tried to project myself into the "other me" but it didn't work.
      - The "other me" teleported away (several teleportations a few feet apart, the way I usually travel in dreams).
      - DC2 swore and said something about "him fading away again."
      - I woke up.

      Don't exactly beleive in "shared dreaming" but given the experience, this might be as close to one as I've gotten. Maybe. Idk. Probably not.

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    3. 11-24-2010 at 05:25 PM

      by , 11-25-2010 at 02:25 AM (Nude Pictures of Myself)
      Brief notes for myself. The dream was unusually vivid and it helped me figure something out irl so I may as well record it.

      - Saw Catie, the DC that acts as my subconscious/dream guide.
      - Followed her to ask her something.
      - Ran into my friend Selina, lost track of Catie.
      - Talked to Selina for a bit, Catie came back to ask something. She looked annoyed.
      - I couldn't remember the way back, Selina showed me.
      - Was getting dark so we opted to go to Catie's house (was close to where we were standing) and call for a ride rather than walk.
      - Lost track of Catie again, pulled out a flashlight and found her.
      - Walked through a "neighborhood" of rundown, abandoned houses.
      - Needed to walk up a mound to get to where we were headed. Selina and Catie made it over, I fell into a trench of some sort.
      - After falling into the trench, I somehow ended up in the street. Had to find my way back by going through a couple dark, empty, rundown houses/buildings. Found my way to a window and tried to climb out but the building began to grow the closer I got the window.
      - I noticed squad cars in front of Catie's house (which I could see from where I was). I then saw two cars in front of the building I was in, was glad Catie and Selina had called for help.
      - An officer helped me out and sent me on my way.
      - Can't remember what happened next.
      - I was walking down the street with a friend, not sure if it was Selina or someone else. We went to the front door of another rundown house for some reason. We were invited in. The son and father started yelling/fighting. The mother just sat there watching tv and raising the volume to drown out the noise. That just made things worse.
      - I got her to do the volume down then separated the father and son. Helped mediate.
      - Me and my friend left and and eventually met a little girl that I apparently knew (in the dream at least). She led us to another house, when we stepped inside we saw a couple other irl friends.
      - I started baking cupcakes for some reason. =/

      *Old entry that I saved as a draft but forgot to post*

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