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    Possible SD

    by , 01-19-2011 at 02:01 AM (1262 Views)
    More notes for myself:

    - Attempted a WILD by visualizing a landscape (a forest) then I visualized myself looking down at my feet as I walked and recreated the sound of footsteps.
    - A minutes or so into it I was dreaming but I had no control of the dream or even a body, it was like watching a movie.
    - I had to follow two girls, I couldn't turn away when I tried.
    - I could read the mind of one (who turned out to be my dream guide, Catie) but not the other (her name was never mentioned so I'll call her DC2).
    - Catie seemed to know this was a dream, which struck me as odd since most other DCs never seem to. DC2 didn't.
    - Catie was like the "main character" of the dream, DC2 was just there to tag along.
    - Catie did several reality checks and then start looking for someone.
    - DC2 pointed at something and Catie turned to look.
    - It was me, or at least a projection of me. Since I had no body and was simply observing the dream, I had no conscious connection with this "other me."
    - They tried to get the attention of the "other me" but it didn't see them. It looked like it was looking for something.
    - I tried to project myself into the "other me" but it didn't work.
    - The "other me" teleported away (several teleportations a few feet apart, the way I usually travel in dreams).
    - DC2 swore and said something about "him fading away again."
    - I woke up.

    Don't exactly beleive in "shared dreaming" but given the experience, this might be as close to one as I've gotten. Maybe. Idk. Probably not.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Ask your dream guide if she is a DC.
    2. DeletePlease's Avatar
      Alright, I'll try it.