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    dolphin's dreams

    10/1/2013 dreams

    by , 10-01-2013 at 03:56 PM (359 Views)
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    I've written out the nighttime routine I created. I'm trying to set it in stone, so to speak.

    1.Fall asleep trying to think about as little as possible.
    2.Upon becoming lucid, make sure the dream is vivid. If it's not, make it vivid by rubbing hands, looking around and focusing on details while saying "stabilize". Try to remember to keep it vivid during the dream.
    3.Upon waking, attempt to DEILD by making the ringing in the ears as loud as possible.
    4.If DEILDing fails, stay still and mentally back track as far back as the dream could be remembered.
    5.Write down the dream in as much detail as I can going forward. Assess whether to get a snack or drink.
    6.Repeat 1-5 until it's time to get up.
    7.Type dreams in online Dream journal.

    I'll keep a dream count going for the entire month to see how well the routine works. It seems to work well for me. I'm going to try to write down all of my dreams this month. My goal for the month 75 dreams, 20 of them lucid.

    Dream #1-I was walking through a suburban neighborhood towards a somewhat elaborate one story home. I walked through the backyard of their house, through a side door, and through a quaint kitchen to find my niece and nephew. I asked my nephew how his trip to Santa Cruz was. He seemed to enjoy it. My attention turned to the television in the living room. On it was what looked like a commercial for a baseball glove. It showed a second baseman making great plays would the glove. He described the glove as being a 12 (out of 10, I suppose). The end of the commercial turned to slapstick comedy as it showed the second baseman and the glove quickly growing proportionately. Then the player threw another player through a distant mountain. I found the stupidity of this amusing. I woke up.

    Lucid #1-I was in my bed when I felt something brushing me. I tried to do a nose plug but I couldn't move my arm. "Obviously, I'm dreaming", I thought. Next thing I know, I'm flying in the night on the broom that was brushing me. I quickly found that I could fly higher if I brushed the broom downwards. I saw a pool complex that looked familiar somehow, but I decided I wanted to fly to the ocean. I flew a bit higher and looked from it. I conveniently found I was just about flying over it. I dove into the moon lit water. Immediately I could see dolphins swimming around as usual. My plan was to ride one and transform into it. Out of the corner of my eye a spotted one that looked like it was going to pass me. I reached out my right hand and grabbed it's dorsal fin as it passed by. I got onto it's back and hugged it to hold on. The feeling of it's silky skin was incredible. I started to lose the dream at this point but could still feel it's skin. I tried to hold on to the dream like I was holding onto the dolphin. All of a sudden, the dolphin started biting me, it didn't like being held. My dream logic told me maybe if I let the dolphin eat me, I'll transform into it. I let the dolphin bite my arm off. The next thing I know, I can't move my arms or legs. Completely spent, I wanted to wake up. The scene changed to me being in a Japanese arcade. I was taunting a couple of kids at a game, explaining to them I wanted to wake up. I woke up.

    Dream #3-On a hilly open field next to an amusement park, there was an explosion which started a fire. Fire trucks rushed to the scene to put out the blaze. As I was watching this near the fence, a camel walked by. Since it was on higher ground than I was, I was a bit concerned it would poop on me. Next thing I remember, I was in the amusement park with a new backpack watching a mine train roller coaster. A boy asked me if I could guard row 8 for him. We then decided we would ride together. I woke up before we got the chance.

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