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    dolphin's dreams

    March TOTM basic

    by , 03-06-2016 at 06:19 PM (239 Views)
    I wake up at night and get out of bed. When I look at the time, I notice my clock isn't there. I do a nose plug and can breathe. I have the feeling I'm dreaming so I go outside and try to jump in the air to fly, which I do. I'm surrounded by high rise apartment buildings. I look for a spot that's well lit so I could see the DC I want to summon. I find a nice spot over an intersection. I put my hand behind my back and call for Destiny, the whale shark from Finding Dory. I feel a toothless mouth, and when I turn around, she's there. She was pretty dead on in terms of appearance, although I didn't take the time to look past her head, which was big. She has some sort of package on her head which I brush off. I ask her what her favorite dream was. She sounds like her as well, although she sounded depressed rather than energetic. She says her favorite dream was when she tore her elbow while protesting. Kind of a weird thing for a whale shark to say. I woke up.

    My dreams have been a bit dark lately but they're getting better.

    In case you're wondering about the DC I summoned, she shows up in the video below from 0:48-1:06. You can see why I thought it would be fun to hear a story from her.

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