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    Sensei's Competition Night#6

    by , 08-02-2014 at 04:55 PM (329 Views)

    Lucid #4 (DILD, FA #3)
    I wake up and plug my nose. I can breathe! I go outside, put my hand behind my back and call for a dream guide. I feel a hand and turn around. It's a short old man with glasses. We shake hands and I ask his name. His name is Sydney. I tell him I want him to teach me to transform. "You're not good enough for that!" he says. I reason with him, telling him maybe he could transform me into a different animal. He admits that he's able to but he's unsure about it. I wake up.

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    lucid , false awakening


    1. JoannaB's Avatar
      Ah, I am thinking that only once you are confident enough that you can transform yourself without his help would this dream guide be willing to help you.
      dolphin likes this.
    2. greendrive's Avatar
      I have never used dream guide before. Any pointers/links, to read up on those? When would you use them?
    3. dolphin's Avatar
      I'm new to dream guides too. I've been trying to use them to help with specific aspects of dream control. Dream characters represent aspects of my subconscious so I'm basically trying to tap into my subconscious for help. I've had success with this in teleporting and removing a pesky dc but not with transforming.
    4. ThreeCat's Avatar
      Gah! Danged DCs and their pretend help! That's really cool that you seem to be able to summon dream guides so often. Can you now teleport without DG help?
    5. Nightfeather's Avatar
      Don't let this DC get you down! You'll get your transformation.
    6. dolphin's Avatar
      I could teleport without DG help...barely. It might take a few dreams. I can't teleport to the location of my choice as my dream control isn't that good. That's what improvement is for though!
      ThreeCat likes this.
    7. womp's Avatar
      Pfft, don't let Sydney boss you around. He's just like that.
    8. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      What a jerk! Don't listen to that guy.
      You can do it!