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    1. Meeting my dream guide (who is appearently also my son :D )

      by , 09-22-2015 at 01:30 PM
      Sa-Su, 19-20.09.15

      I became lucid somehow. At some point in the dream I stood on a really big field of dark green grass at nighttime, which was surrounded by little mountains and trees (kinda like a world boarder in video games). At that boarder there was a high wooden hut which looked somehow chinese, and I jumped all the way up to the roof. I thought, "Now if I get down again, someone will be standing in the doorway of the hut." . However, when I looked on the field again, I noticed it was filled with dozens of monsters from Minecraft, like spiders, zombies and skeletons. I didn't want to deal with them, so before I got down, I stretched out my arm over the field and said: "All monsters are dead!" . Now one after another they all fell on the ground and vanished, all except the skeletons for some reason (another try did the rest though) .
      Now I could finally jump off the roof, keeping in mind I wanted to meet somebody to talk with, but all I found in the doorway was only a statue of someone instead of a real person.

      At some points in the dream I was in a hall that looked like a canteen for big workplaces, so there were chairs and tables spread in the room with people sitting around them. Almost everything in the room was very grey and colourless, the floor and walls were out of concrete, and the plastic chairs and the tables were gray or white aswell; the whole place was really athmospheric. I was sitting at one of the tables, and in front of me, there was sitting a boy of about eight years, and I talked with him. I knew that in this dream, I wasn't myself but a man of about 25 to 30 years, and the boy in front of me was my son, so I was happy to see him.
      I feel like I visited this place inbetween every "section" of my lucid dream (though I can't remember most of these sections), about three or four times, and everytime I talked to this boy.
      He was very polite and mature all the time, and he gave me tips about how I can improve my lucid dreams. I can't recall what exactly he said, but all of these tips sounded really wise and logical, something like: "Remember, no matter what happens, there never is a reason to feel fear or anxiety in dreams. Just enjoy all the great things you see." . It felt great to sit there and talk to him, and thanks to his help, I managed to stay relaxed and was never worried to be kicked out of the dream or such things, which normally happens all the time in my lucid dreams.
      Now in what I believe was our last "meeting", I suddenly had a realization and asked him: "Wait... Are you my dream guide?". He smiled in a subtle way and said that he was. I was extremely happy about this, so I asked him: "Hey, can I hug you?" . Once again he agreed, so I hugged the shit out of him and it felt incredibly nice.
      I think at that point I either lost my lucidity or the dream faded away.