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    1. The Gathering | The Cars [Lucid Moment, Fragments]

      by , 05-02-2012 at 09:11 PM (Dream Trek)
      Quote Originally Posted by The Gathering
      I was in my shed hanging out smoking some legal weed, when suddenly more and more people began coming over to my house for some reason, wanting to party. We first gathered in the shed, and then the garage when we needed more room. People were talking about all hopping into their cars and going to a certain country road outside of town that recieves almost no traffic and lies at the bottom of a hill. The road is so little travelled that you can smoke weed and drink there with friends for a whole night with no interruptions. I missed backroading it since I quit smoking weed, so I wanted to go. But I didn't... I couldn't get all those people to come with me. So I went to the shed, where one girl was watching T.V. I looked at her, then looked around the room. Half-rolled blunts, roaches, all kinds of incriminating trash. I got pissed, and began cleaning it all up. I went outside to smoke, and out of nowhere it starts raining hard. So hard that I find myself swimming around in a giant puddle with some other folks....End of dream.
      Quote Originally Posted by Dream Fragment and Lucidity[/quote
      Lucid Moment:
      I was in the parking lot of the old apartment building that I lived my freshman year in high school. I was laying on the asphalt when a female figure came to me and began talking. I looked up at the apartment building, and then I began to think...
      "I don't live here anymore... I lived here five years ago. I live in Texas now... This can't be, unless... It's a dream!" *Reality check*. "By gods, it is a dream... And I know it's a dream... Lucid dream... So just stay calm and think of something to do... Where would I go if I could go anywhere?" I settled on Chicago, closed my eyes and imagined Chicago. The dream became unstable and I moved on to the next dream.

      Dream Fragment:
      I was in a house with a family. The family wasn't mine... I remember something about the house having been designed by me... It was almost as if I was building the house as I dreamt. Which rises suspicion as to whether or not I was lucid during this time...
      Quote Originally Posted by The Cars
      I was hanging with friends, when I walked outside and looked in the driveway. In the driveway was my father's truck, my stepmom's lincoln navigator, and my truck. Everything is as usual... Except this time around, my stepmom's navigator was towing a brand new camper, and I had one more car than usual. Behind my truck, was parked a white, crew cab 1993 Ford F-350XL with a utility shell. The same truck I owned in high school. I was excited, because I hadn't driven my old truck in so long - and excited at the prospect of owning my newer and nicer truck, while still being able to roll around in my old truck and work on it and the likes. So - I did what anyone would do in this circumstance! I hopped in and went on a joy-ride! It was bad-ass... Purely awesome times...
      Some notes on the dreams:
      This lucid moment was the longest and clearest moment of lucidity I've ever experienced. I was able to find out that I was in a dream, and stay within the dream for a few moments to think about it. It was awesome. Also, I noticed that my non-lucid dreams seemed to be a bit "Semi-lucid"... In that I was somehow still in control, but not aware that it was a dream. I think my lucidity may have transferred into my non-lucid dreams, giving me enhanced control of the situations... Also, I noticed that dream elements were heavily reliant on things that had happened in my real life the past few days.
      For instance:
      1. Me talking to my friend about how much his 1993 ford reminds me of my old ford, and that I would love to get a chance to drive my old truck again.
      2. Me bitching about how people always left evidence of weed in my shed after smoking at my house.
      3. Me reminiscing about smoking on the back roads.

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