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    The Odd Job

    by , 07-06-2013 at 12:52 AM (448 Views)
    This dream begins with me working for an eccentric rich lady -- She wasn't wall-street rich, but she was certainly very well off. I could tell she worked for herself, and was very successful in doing so. However, she wasn't rich enough to leave my town, so she was still at some level of "Upper-middle" or "lower-upper" class.

    She hired me to run an errand and house-sit for her while she went on a business trip for the evening. The dream starts with me in her house, and I don't remember much of this part of the dream, until the part where she asks me to go fetch her "45". She said it was in the nightstand of her bed. I went, and I found two Springfield XD pistols. One of them a .45, the other a 9mm. I checked the pistols for safety, to find that they each had one bullet loaded in their magazines, but nothing in the chamber. I was worried about why she would ask me to fetch her pistol, so I took the bullet out of the .45's magazine, completely unloading it. I put the bullet in my pocket. My idea was that I was afraid she was going to shoot me as soon as I gave her the gun, so I unloaded it, assuming that if she tried to shoot me she would fail and I could leave. Realistically, If I truly didn't trust her at this level, I should have unloaded the .45, and COCKED the 9mm, and then strapping myself as to be the only one armed in the situation. But yeah, I just unloaded her pistol and brought it to her.

    She sent me to the store to buy ammo, and I left. There are no stores which sell ammo in my town, but in this dream there was. I left on foot with her gun in my pocket, and an awkward silencer which actually looked more like a collapsible antenna for a radio. Throughout my trip, I tried to jog, but I was simply too exhausted and I was forced to walk the entire way. To add to my struggles, I had to keep the silencer from breaking, because it was flimsy as all hell. I felt awkward as all kinds of people saw me walking around with a gun hanging out of my pocket and a silencer in my hand, and I had to muscle my way through a crowd just to GTFO before the police came.

    I finally got back to this chick's house, and I gave her the newly loaded gun. She put it in an ankle holster, and then asked me for the silencer. I gave her the silencer, but as I handed it to her I noticed that the middle piece was bent and broken... It was just about to snap in half. When she took the silencer, she pulled some ninja nun-chuck move with it, and it snapped right in half. Thank god, right? As far as she was concerned, SHE just broke the silencer. So ... phew.

    I was just about to leave when she interrupted me, -- that I had to housesit until she returned. I asked her when, and she got offended. I suppose I am to simply sit around until god knows when and this bitch comes home. What am I, a fucking 14 year old? For 50 dollars , which I have basically already earned, I am to continue to sit around for an INDEFINITE amount of time? This is how rich people get rich I suppose, fucking over the less fortunate... She explained that there was Spaghetti, and opened up a Spaghetti book, which was basically just noodles arranged in a funny way in a 3 ring binder.

    As I was contemplating my escape, I woke up. Thank god. LOL

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