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    DrT's Technical Ecstasy Revamp

    by , 07-26-2022 at 01:47 PM (272 Views)
    In a bit of a rush. I'll be damned if I can find my old dream journal. We'll see if I can figure out the new system without too much pain:

    G/C + LT

    Intent was to get lucid and have the dreamspace show me something I need to know.

    Shear Waves/Evil Drone (INRALD)

    I am trying to sleep on the great room couch. Again I close my eyes. I begin to feel subtle vibrations. I allow them to build then gently subside. I open my eyes. Sure enough the night lights in the kitchen have failed. Which confirms I'm dreaming. I struggle to get up. With my usual semi-paralysis upon consciously entering the dream space. I slowly shake it off. Flipping off the couch, and walking toward the front door. By the time I get to the door my motor skills are fine. I easily unlock the door and exit.

    It is a little later in the morning than expected. Maybe 5:30 or so. Which means there is partial sunlight. I walk along the path toward the driveway. E and a friend of hers are next door. Minding their own business. But there are also 3 juvenile guys in the street in front of my house, being quite raucous. I get perturbed by this, much like I would in waking reality. So I walk over to them. I grab one and for no particular reason rotate his body 90 degrees so he is hovering in mid air. Obviously he is not at all sure what to make of this and has a baffled look on his face. Anyway, enough of this. I get ready to leap in the air and fly with the intention of inducing a scene change. But at that moment one of the other guys yells out some threat about "shear waves". At first I ignore him and begin to fly. But he also leaps in the air and follows me. I try to fly faster and simply outrun him, but he catches up and grabs me
    . I wake (FA).

    I'm back on the couch. I get up and walk to the front door. There is hordes of snow outside. Apparently my wife must have done some shoveling last night to take out the dog. As there is a path to the street. But there is easily 4' of snow out there. I quickly try to jog my memory. What month is it? May? (obviously incorrect). Why is it snowing in May? I get pissed about how much we are fouling up the Earth. And for the life of me I can't recall what state I left the snow blower in (winterized or not?). I also realize I have to clear this crap, as I don't have my work PC at home so just working from home is not an option.

    I then take a walk to the back porch. I see 4 small red lights in the sky at a distance. I realize it must be the drone. Which validates that it's the Illinois DNR as opposed to a surveyor. It flies in my general direction. But when it gets more or less overhead, I realize it's much larger, aggressive and more generally evil looking than I would have imagined. I'm pretty chill about it as I have nothing to hide. I look up and wave to it. It's clearly spotted me. At this point I wake for real.


    This is actually pretty interesting. Though the interpretation is not obvious. At work we developed a new scan technique. And were surprised to find some unusual behavior related to shear waves. Which is one of 3 combinations of wave methods. This would suggest that while for our immediate customer its a non issue. Other customers might be displeased and come "chasing us" for a solution.

    The second half of the dream and portion with the drone requires some interpretation too. There has been a lot of illegal hunting in the woods and meadow out back. I reported it to Illinois Dept of Natural Resources. Someone has been back there with a drone. Two possibilities. Surveyors (which was the claim but seems like BS as the data does not add up). Or Illinois DNR covering max ground with a drone and probably putting up trail cams. This dream suggests it's the latter. You would not survey at night. But it does suggest some limited danger (i.e. - they probably think I'm the hunter as I'm back there so often).

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