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    by , 08-20-2022 at 07:43 PM (243 Views)
    G/C + LT

    Rotational Bliss (INRALD)

    I am trying to sleep on the couch and hear music toward the kitchen. I open my eyes and realize it's dark. I get up and make my way toward the front door. Upon passing the skylight over the spiral stairs I hear beautiful classic music. I don't recognize the piece but it's surprisingly loud considering nothing in the area could create it. I exit the front door, make my way to the driveway and leap in the air. My flying is very belabored. No matter how much I try I can't rise up more than 15 feet of so. I settle on lying back on a bed of air, horizontal to the ground. I begin to slowly spin. While a light and very ethereal music plays from all directions. It is wonderfully blissful and I feel an absolute sense of oneness. After a minute or so I wake.

    Dark Shadowy Creatures (INRALD)

    Again I am trying to sleep. I hear music far away. But even more odd I hear male voices near the large Great Room window. Additionally all lights are off so I am obviously dreaming. I exit the house and leap from the front stoop. My flying is better than before but not great. I fly over to the roof of the house next door. And grab the gutter to pull myself higher. For some reason I am curious how clogged they are. They are pretty bad, full of large amounts of pine needles. I see a few shadow figures below. I free fall downwards so as to try to land on them, but they have quickly moved. I have a bit of a fight or flight reaction. And ready myself for a possible confrontation. But there solidness disappears and they are gone. I wake.

    Market Sex (DILD)

    I am and the foot of a downward stairwell. It's similar to the one we have in our house but much wider. Additionally it has a plastic cross bar hanging from the rook. Instinctively I reach up and dangle from it. I realize that there are additional cross bars (sort of like plastic monkey bars) that carry on. When I drop from the bar some more plastic framing that is their in lieu of a banister breaks off. I realize this does not make sense and I must be dreaming. So I walk down the stairs and onto the first floor.

    The first floor is reminiscent of our house, but different as well. My mom is there but I don't feel like interacting with her will be "productive" in any sense. So I head the opposite direction. Toward the front door. I open the door very quietly so as to not get her attention. I exit the house. There is a scene change as I walk forward. I am now in an open market of sorts. It's night time and most of the vendors and customers have left for the day. There is an attractive hispanic woman with her kids. I find myself attracted to her and walk over. I suggest to her kids they leave and find something else to do. Now alone, she senses my intentions. I pull down my pants and she starts sucking me. This goes on for a bit until there is a modest scene change. She's now naked and face down. So I suggest she get on her hands and knees. I work a wet finger into her ass. Lube myself up with some spit and slowly work myself into her back door. Once we get going it's pleasurable for both of us. Before long there is another scene change. Now she's riding me reverse cowgirl. I reach around and work her clit with my left hand. She seems to enjoy this. As she get's worked up she tells me to come inside her. But as usual having a climax in a lucid dream is elusive. I enjoy this for a while longer but
    eventually wake.

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