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    1. Dream journal of a boring man I : Part 1

      by , 01-25-2014 at 11:53 PM
      Walking in the sloped field behind my house amidst some chickens. I knew that I wanted to fly but was not sure why or how. I looked down and I was spontaneously holding two wings, similar to those of a buzzard. I guessed that the best way to fly would be to just flap the two wings in my arm. Trying to gain some speed by running down hill, jumping and then flapping seemed to produce a few seconds of lift but eventually gravity seemed to strengthen and pull me down. Multiple repetitions later it became clear that the now eagle wings weren't working. Anxious to fly I scavenged my immediate surrounding and noticed a giant robot vending machine barely a foot to my left. Not through any particular reason I realized that I was currently residing in the dream world. Knowing that I had flown before multiple times, I just bounced up feeling these amazing upsurges as if I had full control over the gravity effecting me. I flew maybe 20 meters straight upwards and saw a fog blocking my sight from reaching outside the domain of my garden. A drowsiness spread over me and the world ended.

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