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    by , 04-01-2013 at 12:18 PM (684 Views)
    I was at the top of a huge brown skyscraper, one of 17 in a city. It was like a high-tech police station, with hundreds of people constantly trying solve crime and organizing evidence etc. I knew I was looking for information on bad guys, so I could find them and steal their treasure. I got quite smoothly to the top and managed to steal an employees Id card and use it to gain access to the evidence room. After stealing a blood bag that somehow had information within it I walked down a spiral stairs. I heard hell break loose when they found out something was stolen, but I had just checked out of the building at that moment. I was walking out when the women behind the desk said "Ohhh Shiiitttt" in slow motion, all the guards ran after me but I was too quick and disappeared into a crowd.
    Next I walked into my own home, a china town slum and I walked past traders trying to self my valuable information, trying to look for clues. I saw eleven marks on my hand representing the police stations I'd broken into and I added another line. I started talking to an old man at a stall. He told me about the words "Ru" and "zea" and "ot", ru means to bring about a state of disorder and zea means to return the world to it's righteous place and ot means destiny. He said "Most of us are Ru-ots, we live life bringing things into disorder, however some of us ,despite our outer appearance as a Ru-ot are actually Zea-ots, the ones who make sure to create an ordered world in which destiny will flow smoothly"
    After this I went into another police station and smashed a computer, which destroyed the entire computer system and I took three bad guy passports with me. This time everyone just looked at me, frightened, as I walked out. I kept walking until I reached a river. It turned out I had killed every single bad guy I could find with the evidence I had robbed and there were only the three bad guys left. I made short work of them, doing heel drops and tornado kicks.
    I saw the old man from earlier sitting at the river and by accident he knocked all his stuff over. I jumped swiftly and hovered over the river, I could feel a power emerging from my stomach. I chanted something an all of a sudden those fallen items lifted from the ground back into their place in a complete reverse, almost like I had turned back time in only that place. The old man looked up approvingly and said "You are a Zea-ot". He put his arm around my shoulder and we started walking into the sunset and he told me this advice "Take the meaning of life as freely as a butterfly in the wind"

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