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    12/01/02 The Wind Blows

    by , 04-05-2012 at 07:07 PM (317 Views)
    It has been windy here for the last few days, but before it became windy I had my dream. I don't know if it is really related to the weather or not. In my dream I was with my parents, the setting I suppose looked like a park in a city. Anyways, I notice the sky is filled with pretty and also ominous clouds. I could sense a change in weather coming and all at once the wind starts blowing fiercly. I could feel it blowing past me and see the clouds move across the sky as if I were watching a time delay camera recording of the whole day! It seemed like a big event and it was very impressive. The wind didn't damage anything or knock us down although it should have logically. For the clouds moved in the sky with such speed they would have overtook a fast moving jet if there was one flying! One impressive rolling band of clouds indicated where the front between the air masses was as it passed thru and overhead of us.

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