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    Cartoon and lucid flying

    by , 05-11-2012 at 09:11 AM (555 Views)
    In my dream, I was a cartoon character from the show king of the hill. I was Hank Hill. I was riding a motorcycle on more than just roads. There would be other DCs in my way, but at least when they heard and seen me coming they froze right where they were which made it easier for me to avoid hitting them. I could hear my - Hank's voice going waaaaa, as I rode percariously close to the DCs. We went up sidewalks, across fields, and even rode on the top of a wide fence. Finally the chain slipped off the motor and I had to stop the bike in this vacant room in some building. I got it fixed there, but I didn't ride it anymore. I went into 3rd person view, but it didn't last long as Hank became a DC instead of me. I watched as Hank barricaded himself in this room and didn't let anyone in or out. He was getting crazier by the minute. I finally got away from him and out of that room somehow.

    I had to use the restroom now, so I start looking for a bathroom. As I'm walking down a hallway inside this building, I spot two off to my right. The signs on both of them say men, but the one with the door was closed for cleaning or repair I think. I was about to walk into the other one but I notice women going into the mens restroom, as well as men. I stop a passing woman and ask her if this was supposed to be a woman's or men's restroom. I can't remember what she said exactly, but she seemed to suggest anyone could use the restroom if they needed to. I figured I would just pass, as now there was a line to wait to use the restroom. I went outside and kept walking down the street. I thought I seen some coins on the ground, but when I picked one up it turned out only to be a button.

    Off in the distance, I noticed some hazy gray mist. I rushed over there to see it. Once I got over there, it seemed like it was a part of my dream that hadn't formed yet. As I start recognizing that I am dreaming, I make some harvistor machines appear out of the fog. These machines are from an online game, Star Wars Galaxies. I pick up the smaller personal miner, and put it on top of the elite mineral harvistor. The gray mist is backing off now, letting dream scenery emerge. Somehow I find a plant, and will it to grow bigger. This plant keeps growing bigger and taller while turning into a "beanstalk" that branches out and reaches up into the clouds above. I climb the plant and find myself at cloud level looking down. That was cool. I can tell that my dream isn't very stable at this point, it turns into a room with boxes that are board games and I'm climbing on top of stacks of them. I jump off the top and start flying around, mostly hovering, the room. As I do this I'm saying, "more lucidity, more stability." I repeat this about 5 times while in flight. I'm trying to keep my dream going as long as possible. Now I can actually feel the waves of force emanating from my hands as I'm hovering above the ground. I even do a mid-air sommersault. I'm in the air trying to think of what to do next, nothing comes to mind but I do see a female DC on the ground near me. I land near her and make a move on her. At first she doesn't want to, but then I ask her, "why not?" as I'm trying to use my will to change her mind. It works and we start kissing each other. I'm in mid-kiss when my dream fades out and I wake up.

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