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    The Crazy Robot

    by , 05-02-2012 at 03:42 PM (493 Views)
    I was in this grocery store helping my parents shop. There was this beautiful woman there I kept glancing at, hoping she would notice me. It turns out I needed to head back her way to grab some cases of coke. I got the cases and as I headed back to the checkout, I glanced back over my shoulder again at the woman, and she was looking back at me this time as well.

    Now the dream changes, the grocery store turns into a library with some different DCs. I'm just walking around a bit, looking at the book titles I walk past and heading over to the table area to have a seat. There are some DCs at the tables, reading books. There was a row of chairs out of place, like someone moved them to block off several isles of books. The chair row went down, and turned to the left to make a dead end. These were all the typical heavy wooden chairs a library usually has. I move 2 chairs at the end of the row to the table I was next to so I could sit down. This librarian woman sees me doing this and comes over to me. She starts giving me an attitude which I didn't like, and asks me "where are you from?" I'm thinking why do I have to tell her where I'm from? What kind of question is that? Although I did tell her what city I live in, I wasn't about to just stand there and be grilled by her. I woke up. Take that, I just ended the dream and your existance!

    It didn't take long to fall to sleep again, this time I had a short dream about mowing grass. After I mowed, the neighbor next to me mowed his grass too. Over near the border to our yards, there was some tough grass on my side that didn't get cut even. I guess I still had the mower with me, because I used it on the grass until it came out all nice and even. The only thing was I had to keep changing the angle of approach to get it to cut right. When I was done I lifted the mower up off the ground while it was still running even though doing so was dangerous. The blades were spinning fast, but I just set it back down and shut it off. There was some soft ground next to me that the riding lawnmower tore up into mud and left wheel tracks in. Somehow I remember doing that earlier when cutting the grass, so I must have been using both a riding lawn mower as well as the push mower.

    caution sexual dream following
    The next dream goes back to the library setting again, this time without the annoying lady. There are some DCs there, and one guy has built a robot. The robot actually looks like an old style cylon from battlestar galactia. This robot is running around the place, acting crazy. Somehow it finds C3PO, rips off his head, and places C3PO's head on top of its own cylon head. So now this robot is running around "pretending" to be C3PO, but he just looks stupid to me. The next thing I know is that the guy who built him has now modified his robot so it could have sex. In other words this is now a "male" robot. The robot seems to want me to find a mate for it, that is when I notice this naked woman setting at one of the library tables. Getting her attention, I'm about to hook her up with this robot, and as I'm talking to her, it seems as though her skin changes to metal, looking bronze. It is at this point I start thinking, what the heck am I doing? I'm not giving her to this crazy robot, I want her for myself. She turns back to a normal woman once I start touching and holding her. The crazy robot runs off. So I'm lucid now and touching her tummy, running my hand all the way down, and then back up to her breasts a few times. Then I start caressing her breasts and sucking on them. She was so nice and seemed to be enjoying it. As I was sucking on her nipple, it started to get longer in my mouth and went down my throat. Although I wasn't choking, I could feel it there as if it were trying to give me a little choking sensation. Although it was unusual, it somehow was arousing to me and I kept doing it. It didn't hinder me from breathing. When I started pulling away from her to get her nipple out of my throat, it came out slowly, being constricted, then broke off after only a few inches. At least I think that is what happened, but her nipple looked like it was ok to me, although overly large at this point. She seemed pleased, smiling at me. This is where I woke up.

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