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    Girlfriend Dream

    by , 10-29-2014 at 01:06 PM (376 Views)
    I must have been in this elevator in my dream for people were crowding around me tight. There was this woman close to me who didn't mind getting closer to me since we were squeezed in. She was really friendly and put her face right up next to mine. I fell in love with her and she became my girlfriend.

    The dream scene changes and we are going on a date. We were supposed to be in a restaurant but it took the form of a train instead. As we were taking our seats they brought our food and set it on the tables. We were on a group date with 6 of our friends. Since we had a big group, this ended in splitting us up since the tables were not movable. I ended up across the isle from my girlfriend, but she was within arms length so it wasn't too bad. Our food was a mix of stuff put into a huge burrito, covering the whole plate. In the burrito was mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, beef, and then the usual burrito ingredients. It just seemed unusual to me, but it was good and we all ate it. A little later in the meal I slid over to my girlfriend's side to be near her. As she cuddled up against me she couldn't keep her hands off me. I know we were making conversation, but I really don't remember the details. Well there was this one part where she had her hands on my left arm, so I gave her a little flex and she was like, "oh not bad".

    The dream changes again and now I'm in the back of this boat with my female cousin. There were two other people up in the cab driving the boat. Though they start out slow, they pick up speed as we get further out in the ocean. It is at this time that I notice it has started to rain. It is raining pretty hard now and we are getting wet in the back, even as the boat is going full throttle. Although it is a tight fit, we crawl up into the cab to get out of the rain. This boat has a cab with one long seat, including seatbelts, so we strap ourselves in. The dream scene changes again for me to later on, where I'm in this public bathroom that has a shower, so I'm going to use the shower. As I was getting ready to use it, I realize the effort for privacy was futile and the dream fades out.

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