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    The Moon left Earth

    by , 11-02-2014 at 01:11 PM (476 Views)
    We had to move to Canada because something happened to earth's orbit and it was getting warmer. Also the moon was gone and the oceans were flowing towards the polar regions. I seen the map of where we were and it looked like we were north of Manitoba somewhere. As I looked at the map though, it became more like I was looking at a satellite view of the earth in real time. This lasted about a minute and I could see how the earth was changing and how the population who migrated north was distributed across Canada now. I was explaining the details of the map to someone I was with and telling them why this was a good spot, rather than to the west. Less people had went west, toward Alaska.

    There was much ice around outside but it was warm out and it was all melting. My sister was there messing around and I took her picture on her phone. We were wandering around watching the changes taking place, we were with a group of people. My other sister was there too with her husband. We ran across them later on. They were being funny messing around with wigs and fake beards, making them look like old people. It was good to see them having fun though.

    Most people had brought RVs with them to live in through this change. I followed someone into an RV and I was surprised to see that it was Jack Nicholson's RV. He was there for a minute talking to the other guy but then they left. I tried to leave too, but I couldn't find the exit. What I thought was the exit was too small for me to fit through and there was stuff in the way. As I was clearing the path, it morphed into being a dishwasher that I ended up taking out the inside racks and dishes. This was not the exit so I put it somewhat back together. Jack came back and yelled at me for messing it up, lol.

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Happened to me a couple times too, pretty cool though.