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    by , 12-19-2012 at 02:43 PM (290 Views)
    In my dream my mom mentioned to me and my sister Chris how she had seen the youtube video of us going down a zipline. She liked it and found it humorous. She didn't have to show the video to me, since my mind went into re-play of the event in a de-ja vu dream. It turns out it was actually a previous dream I had of my sister and I going down a zipline in a large park by a river. My sister was screaming most the way down, and I gave a few good yells just for effect as well.

    Now when I originally had this dream it was in the first person view, but now I seen it from 3rd person and from different camera angles. I wasn't aware of the park cameras that were recording us in order to put us on youtube, lol. I think the original dream was much earlier in the night where I would not have remembered it except for the recall granted by the re-play of it.

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