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    The Flying Man is over the Running Man

    by , 04-17-2013 at 10:09 PM (339 Views)
    Now this one guy in my dream was pissing me off. He had some canisters with him that had some kind of power, which he stole from the people. He was running away with them. These canisters looked like the ones from the MMO Star Wars Galaxies, missle packs. He had three of them. I finally cornered the guy at the edge of a cliff. The cliff ledge jutted out like a peninsula with the sheer dropoff on each side. This guy was so desparate to get away that in a last attempt he grabbed the canisters and dove off the side, falling to what should be his death. Finally in my frustration I went lucid. Knowing I could fly, I dove off after him and flew down to him faster than he could fall and grabbed him. I telekinetically levitated the canisters back up to the top of the cliff, then proceeded to have fun with the idoit. I flew up a ways, accelerating massively way faster than any man-made rocket could. Then I let the guy drop again. This time I caught him half way down, stopping him suddenly once more. I knew that the G-forces were really messing this guy up. Next I flew up into the stratosphere where the air got thin and we could see into space seeing the heavenly bodies. Then I just let him drop to burn up in the atmosphere on his decent.

    I just remember it being really nice at that level in the stratosphere, the dream views (pun intended) were really awesome! I had some fun on my own now that I had gotten rid of this guy. I flew back down into the thick air of the troposphere for a moment, then back up again to perhaps 300 miles above where I was looking at the moon and stars before I woke up.

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