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    #113: Fragments

    by , 03-20-2016 at 08:40 AM (388 Views)
    I'm.. in a bus I think. I'm reading a research paper, while at the same time semi experiencing it. I'm in the northern part of the Netherlands and travelling south. It's a trip that should take 1 or 2 hours. The research paper is about the effect of taking either the bus/train or the car I think (at least a slower vs. faster comparison) on whether women will agree to have anal sex when you ask them to

    I'm inside a game. It's a cutish cartoony game. I'm a farmer, though for some reason I'm on an old school rowing boat out at sea. Me and my crew of 2 are headed towards land. I can control the direction of the boat and to my surprise we make some good progress while we're on land as well. Well lets just keep going then. Eventually I've got the power to become invisible. I think about it for a moment. I could basically go into the shop over there and abduct the person that's standing at the counter right now. Definitely a blond person. It may have been a kid.

    There was something that had to do with Yu-Gi-Oh. It was about the 3 Egyptian God cards: Slifer, Obelisk and.. I can't remember the last one, though I also wasn't able to in the dream.

    I'm walking in a hallway somewhere. From behind me I can hear the voice of my Italian classmate. He's asking someone to speak in Dutch, because whatever language the people are speaking in right now, he's unable to understand it. I'm slightly surprised. He's able to understand Dutch now?

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