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    #124: Attack

    by , 04-11-2016 at 06:36 AM (313 Views)
    It's daytime and I'm sitting in a sort of park/playground. I'm with a few other adults. I remember one of them being a white woman. I myself alternate between being myself and being Sherlock Holmes it seems, the version from Elementary. There are houses built around the park in a U shape. In one of the houses, behind the window of the top floor (3rd?) is a man with quite a big camera. We consider it odd. I decide to go check it out. No one is willing to open the door at first, though at some point someone opens the door and then slams it closed into my face.

    There's a boy in his early teens who is scaling the wall to get to the 2nd or 3rd floor and enter the house from there. I tell the kid to come back, because it is dangerous. I myself consider using the same approach, but I'm afraid that the final part is just too dangerous and I might fall there. The boy makes it though and opens the front door for me. I enter and go to the 3rd floor.

    I encounter a white man. We end up in a conversation, though it's not a particularly friendly one. It's more like bad guy explaining his evil plans. This house used to be owned by his brother, who may or may not be dead. He's here with his camera to capture an image of his ghost. Supposedly. He's explaining that he's staging the whole thing for some reason. Meanwhile I'm holding a camera in my hands and the red light tells me that this whole conversation is being recorded.

    Eventually the man wants to give me a silver necklace as a present. I, as Sherlock Holmes, tell him I can't possibly accept. He insists. I take a hold of the necklace and he pushes my dreads out of the way. We then move to a mirror standing against a wall. I look into it while he is standing behind me and putting on the necklace. My face has rashes. I knew it, this thing is poisoned. I take it off and rub the thing all over his face. He ends up dead not too long after. I open the window and want to shout to Watson (Lucy Liu) but my throat is jammed. I instruct the kid through mumbling. He shouts 'Watson!' a couple of times and eventually she comes over.

    Watson is upstairs, the situation is sort of explained and it's decided that I need medical attention. At some point I wonder how I'm still alive, considering that this guy died really quickly.

    I'm downstairs with someone. A boy in his late teens. We want to leave this house and close the door behind us, but the frontdoor never locks. Eventually someone else tries to open the door. She can't. It turns out that the ghost of the guy who lived here did this. It's his way of telling the boy and I that we are always welcome here. Touching.

    I'm walking across a football (soccer) field now. There's some big event going on, international teams, the works. I'm now Wesley Sneijder. I still need medical attention and can't really talk. There's some ceremonious stuff. Then I jog off the field.

    I'm sitting in the passenger seat of a car. My mom is behind the wheel. We're in a dark parking lot. My old driving instructor approaches us in his car, which is far off from the car he has in reality. My mom think it's creepy and drives off. I explain to her who he is. He probably needed a favour. Poor dude. Didn't his wife leave him? We follow him over the parking lot for a moment, but decide to just leave. I still can't talk too well due to the attack in the previous dream.

    I'm sitting at a table, across my white, female teacher. She has to (re)evaluate my exam. I've written a part in pencil and am allowed to track it over with pen. It feels a bit weird. My hand seems not steady enough. Eventually I'm done and we end up talking a bit. She hands me a piece of torn paper and asks me to evaluate the lecturers of this course. I can't remember on what lecturers have to be assessed. Besides, shouldn't this be anonymous? I consider for a moment that I think that she's hot. A moment later I take a close look and notice it's my older lecturer. No, definitely not hot. Way too old! Didn't I already fill in the evaluation when I made the exam for the first time? I feel kinda stupid that I'm the only person in class who has to do a sort of resit. I'm not the only person who suffered through that attack, yet I'm the only person traumatised enough to mess up. Ow yeah.. I did shoot and kill someone with an assault rifle...

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