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    #151: Beautiful view

    by , 05-31-2016 at 02:50 AM (324 Views)
    I'm with a male friend. Someone has sent him a text to ask him what his plans for tonight are. He asks me what our plans are. I tell him that I have no clue and that we can just wing it. He's not very fond of the idea. He wants to have a plan. We're walking towards his room. First, there is a front door that needs to be opened. He has hidden the key somewhere off to the left.

    Next thing, I'm lying on a mattress with my ex girlfriend. We are lying next to the sea, parallel to it. The view is absolutely amazing. This is the life. I'm trying to take some pictures with my phone, ducking my head underneath some power cables. My ex touches one of them. Don't! She's fine. The cables run to a small platform in the water of just a few square metres. The platform is several metres lower than us, judging from the angle of the cables. My ex starts laughing and wonders why that platform would need power. I tell her it's to turn on a lamp. I've seen it up close. I feel like the power cables are sagging more and more. It's reached the point where I can't get out from under them anymore without touching them. I put a small pillow on my head and hope it's not too conductive. It works. I'm starting to feel like the sea is getting closer. GET UP NOW! I throw the mattress onto higher ground, into the bushes, where it tumbles and falls down on the other side. We're suddenly standing in the water. My phone is being swept away. It's floating on the water. My ex was too slow to retrieve it, so I take a go at it. I think for a moment of taking off my white thermal shirt with long sleeves, because it will weigh me down once it's wet. I've already gone halfway, but I decide it will take too much time and go after my phone. I manage to retrieve it. I then breast crawl back. In the mean time some guy on a jet ski arrives. My ex hops on it and I grab a hold of it at the back.

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