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    #154: Class / beat down

    by , 06-08-2016 at 04:43 AM (352 Views)
    The seating arrangement feels as if Iím in a classroom. There are perhaps 3 long rows of seats. The topic is renewable materials and questions arise regarding the recall of a specific phone and the reuse of the materials. At one point I feel like the questions are getting way too specific about this phone. This is not anything academic anymore.

    Beat down
    Iím in a car, together with another person, a woman I think. It may have been my mom. We enter a parking garage and drive towards a higher floor. There we witness a guy on the ground who looks as if he had just gotten a beating by the group of guys standing next to him. One guy and one girl seem to be the leader behind this. At first I want to intervene. Then I consider two things: 1) maybe the guy got a beating because he sexually harassed the girl; 2) Iím severely outnumbered.

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    Tags: car, university