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    #175: Movie time / Ronaldo

    by , 07-11-2016 at 04:22 AM (218 Views)
    Movie time
    I'm chilling on the ground with my old friend Liddy and someone else. At one point it's a white guy. At another moment it's a white girl. Somewhere early in the dream, Liddy is lying flat on her back on the ground and starts to yawn. I think about putting my finger in her mouth as a joke, but decide against it. I'm eventually sitting with my back against the wall, or something else that is giving me support for my back. I'm watching a movie on the screen that's behind/above the two of them. They are watching the same movie on the screen behind/above me. I am way more focused on this movie than they are though.

    I'm spectating. Cristiano Ronaldo is present, as well as a player for the French team. They're in a warung, just outside my dormitory. Apparently they got into a fight. Ronaldo was in the warung with some others and quite drunk. He started making teasing comments to the French player about having won. The situation turned into a fight. My spectating starts after the fight. The ref is measuring the size of a building / the field by jumping through a window among others. In the dream I'm also surprised that he would feel the need to measure the field and what not, to determine what the repercussion will be.

    Is it very obvious that I watched the game?

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