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    #194: Map

    by , 08-20-2016 at 02:17 AM (368 Views)
    The details are a bit vague. I'm travelling, though I'm mostly just seeing a map top-down. It's vaguely like the view of the old Pokemon games. I'm travelling in my city in Indonesia at first. The map is incomplete. It's cut off at the left and right. Eventually the map does change and I travel some more I guess. At one point I'm able to see Manila on the map. On the map, it is below my city and it's quite small. In the dream, people have told me that it is not really a special city and it's quite small. Still, I wanna see it, just so I can say that I've been to the Philippines. When I look at the map again, the location has changed. It is now somewhere way further down and it's a tiny island. It's just north of an area called the Spanish Antilles. There's an area called the Spanish Antilles? I guess that makes sense, the ABC islands do have a Spanish ring to them. But no.. those are the Dutch Antilles.

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    Tags: travel