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    #200: Hash

    by , 08-27-2016 at 02:10 AM (383 Views)
    I'm in the middle of joining a hash event. I think we're outside and it's definitely already dark. There's quite a number of people. At some point someone starts leading the event and becomes the centre of attention. He decides that tonight (or just for now), we're gonna figuratively piss on one of the guys. I don't remember his exact phrasing, but he did mention that the guy was gay. This makes me uncomfortable. We always make fun of each other, but to really put attention on this guy's sexual orientation makes it feel to me as if we're picking on him cause of that.

    Not sure anymore what happened in the mean time, but the gay guy isn't wearing a shirt anymore. He either asked me where I'm from, or he already could tell I was Dutch. We continue talking in Dutch. He's got a blue marker and he's asked me to draw something on his back. Are you kidding me? Why don't I have anything to draw right now?! And why don't I have any drawing skills?! Another guy takes over and on pretty much the entire left part of his back, he draws a massive dick. He puts attention to getting some details in, veins and what not.

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    Tags: dutch, hash