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    #93: Suits / Talking hamster / Haram

    by , 02-13-2016 at 09:11 AM (326 Views)
    Donna and Rachel from Suits are in a car together. Donna is the one who is driving. The steering wheel is on the left side. I think it's evening already. I see the whole scene developing from the front of the car, as if there's a camera on the dashboard. They're talking about how Rachel doesn't love Mike anymore. She is fiddling with her engagement/wedding ring. I think it's Donna who mentions that Mike also doesn't love her anymore. Rachel is relieved by this news. This will make the break up so much easier. Rachel and Donna kiss for a moment. I think to myself that that's a stupid idea as Donna is driving. They swerve and the car ends up running into a building.

    Talking hamster
    I'm not too sure about the details anymore. I'm in a house which is supposed to be my cousin Xen's house. She's got a hamster which is really small and I end up befriending it. It sits on my shoulder close to my left ear and I can feel it nibble sometimes. The hamster is able to talk. It talks to me in Indonesian! We talk back and forward a bit. My mom and I think also my cousin probably think that I'm crazy. I want my cousin to treat the hamster better now that I've befriended it. I want to prove to them that I'm not crazy and that he can really speak. I consider having him talk to them, but for some reason that's not what I do. I also consider putting on a blindfold and turning my back to my family. They can then raise a number of fingers and the hamster can tell me how many fingers they raised and I can tell them, which should provide proof. Then I consider the fact that the hamster doesn't know how to count. Ok I'll just raise a number of fingers as well and the hamster can tell me when my hand matches that of my family member.

    I'm sitting in class. It's pretty full. To the left of me is a group mate for an assignment. She is wearing her hijab and she slowly but increasingly starts arguing with the teacher, who is also wearing a hijab. The arguing gets worse and worse, with my group mate calling the teacher haram. The teacher manages to 'out argue' my group mate. Throughout the argument I think about how stupid it is to argue like that with the teacher, as she still has to grade us. Eventually the teacher says she'll solve the problem by not allowing her to join the class anymore. I ask another classmate if she can even do that. I'm also wondering if it's just her that's banned from the class or our entire group.

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