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    A few entries from my WORD (.doc) dream journal

    by , 08-11-2013 at 03:04 AM (382 Views)
    Some older entries:

    [B]Thursday, 21. April 2011: "Desktop Clock" (LUCID)
    Type: DILD[/B]

    It is night-time. I am in my room, sitting on my bed, with my laptop in front of me. I do a reality check on the desktop clock. The numbers change. I do it again, they change again. Excited, I do it a few more times to confirm. I realize I am dreaming, and become lucid. Everything is clear and vivid, and I am very excited and happy. I don't remember rubbing my hands, because the dream felt very stable and clear. I go to the living room, and see that I am alone. I enter the bathroom, not turning on the light, and for a moment I stand in front of the mirror. Being dark, I don't see a clear image in the mirror, but I do see that I look strange in the mirror, as usual in dreams. I feel the need to urinate, but instead of urinating into the toilet, I urinate into the sink from the side, because I feel somewhat threatened from the my reflection in the mirror. I feel relieved after urinating. When I leave the bathroom, it is day-time. Everything is extremely clear, vivid, and detailed. The colors are alive. I remember being amazed at the vividness, looking at the walls, smiling, and telling myself that I must remember everything when I wake up.

    The dream begins to fade, and I wake up, but not really. I open my eyes, it is night-time, but something doesn't feel right. I do another RC, this time on my laptop as well if I remember correctly, because I think it was turned on. The numbers change, and I repeat several times as usual. Yes, it is a dream. I become lucid once more. Somehow night becomes day again once I am in the living room. I am going outside. I see there is snow on the ground, but I don't feel cold at all.

    I go outside, and look around a bit. I begin levitating somewhat, but not much. I am amazed at the vividness and clarity, as usual. I go to Johannesstraße. As I arrive there, the dream begins to fade. I wake up again, but it is yet another false awakening. The room is dark once again, and it is night-time. There is no laptop that is turned on, so I don't do a reality check on the desktop clock. Instead, I try pushing my finger through my palm. It works! I remember looking at my hands, and seeing the half of my finger going through my hand. Again I become lucid. What happened after that I don't clearly remember.

    [B]Thursday, 21. April 2011: "Tachyons"[/B]

    Someone is calling me on the phone and threatening me and my family. It sounds like a female child's voice. The name showed up on the cell phone as "Tachyons". I remember yelling at them and cursing them out. I also remember walking somewhere outside while talking to them, and someone was walking with me. This kid on the phone is threatening me and laughing at me. I don't remember being afraid, and I keep threatening them back, with confidence.
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