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    Older dreams (Part 4)

    by , 08-12-2013 at 07:06 PM (510 Views)
    [B][U]Sunday, 24. April 2011: "04:70"[/U][/B]

    In this dream it is nighttime, and I am looking at the alarm clock in the living room. It reads "04:70". My cousin is there. I laugh about it, and so does he. At first I think I might be dreaming, but then I decide that the alarm clock is malfunctioning, and I leave it at that. Later I remember telling someone that the alarm clock is malfunctioning.

    [B][U]Wednesday, 27. April 2011: "Movie script"[/U][/B]

    I am in a darker room, kind of like a cinema, but it looks like I am attending a seminar. People are going to hold some speeches or something. I remember the whole situation revolving around a movie script for a horror movie. There is a man who talks a little about the script, but I don't remember the content. I remember two guys, middle-aged, chasing each other in a playful way through the room. A few moments later they become serious again. The atmosphere is tense, but not scary.

    [B][U]Wednesday, 27. April 2011: "Teleporter cannon"[/U][/B]

    It is daytime, but the weather is not sunny. I am standing outside in some field, with some sort of teleporter machine in front of me. There is a numerical keypad, and several LCD displays, along with other buttons. Someone is with me, but I don't remember who. I am pressing some buttons on the machine, and programming it so it is ready to teleport me to some destination. After I'm done "programming" it, I realize that this is actually some sort of big cannon for humans, and that I have to get inside so it fires me out of it. As scary as it sounds, I don't get very scared. I feel uncomfotable, but nonetheless decide to try it out, only a "small" test, not a big distance. So I get inside, and it fires me out, I don't go very much in the air. I notice that I have a parachute on me, so I pull on it, and it opens up. Now I slowly fall toward the ground.

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