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    Epic Altruist

    Altruist's (un)epic adventures

    by , 06-09-2010 at 09:23 PM (602 Views)
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    Violence and the sunrise

    I was witha friend on an escalator,I suspect we were in a mall.I somehow became lucid,I remember being able to put my right finger through my left palm.We ran around for some time,I was amused by the high vividness,we were passing through game courts and the floor was green.

    I talked to a man and ended up getting in a fight.He did not do anything violent but I feared him and thought it was possible my dream would turn into a nightmare,so I grappled his head with bot hands and kneeled him in the face.I saw him agonizing because of his cut eyes(he was wearing glasses and I think I broke them on his face).

    I ran like never before,afraid that he would hunt me down and terrorize me.I left my friend behind,I was running on a road with some trees.I was running on my feet's balls while also slightly hovering,so I wasn't able to use my legs strenght.I imagined the scenery passing by faster so that I would go faster,ocasionally,I jumped and flied a little before losing concentration and going back to the ground or getting too near to the trees.I jumped on a house,it was night now.I thought night wasn't a good idea in a dream,what terrors would be waiting for me around the corners?I will the sun to rise with the help of my right hand.I see a giant yellow ball pop up in the horizon,but the light level changes very little,it is very faint.The dream fades.

    Comment: I believe it is possible I had this lucid dream because I am sick,and some people experience interesting dreams when they are ill.It might have also been caused by a wakening I had in the night and thought about lucid dreaming and doing an WBTB,before falling asleep again.My recall of details is poor because it was a DILD in the middle of the night,not before wakening.

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