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    Epic Altruist

    1. Altruist's (un)epic adventures

      by , 06-09-2010 at 09:24 PM
      Quote Originally Posted by Epic Altruist View Post
      Bioshock 3 and paradise beach

      I saw an image similar to the one I posted along with a title that said "Bioshock 3(brambling)".I was excited and imagined it was a teaser trailer or something.A big daddy was owning everyone,with some strange and new guns.He send another big daddy flying with a bomb like thing,and he seemed much more agile and light than you would expect.He seemed to be climbing his way out of the city,I saw him on the sea surface,along with some flying ships and flying explosive mines.I was blown away by this trailer and thought it was awesome.I was now playing it I think,I opened a wardrobe and found a real size Playmobil doll,it started talking and then said something to scare me and something is written in red on the wardrobe,I close it.The game feels more scary than the previous games and has more suspense and jump moments.There was a brute splicer walking around behind a wall and I was just waiting for the moment when he would jump and scare me.

      I was now playing Counter Strike 1.6, so the people and objects I see now look blocky.I was on the sea on a a ship,pirate or not.I do not remember what the plot was at all.It was not a shooter,I was just walking around and I jumped into the sea to get some lady who was swimming.I was now bodyboard surfing.Speeding through the waves,I went a long way.I continued to move on the board, and ended up discovering that I could move on it with my willpower.There were a lot of swimmers on the water.

      Going deeper into the sea,I eventually got to another beach,but it was weird,it was like a line of sand on the middle of the sea,not another island.I walked around a bit and saw a friend from childhood.I found my mom and asked for a pastel.
      Spoiler for This is a pastel:

      We found a lady who sold pastel and I asked for one.She fried it in a few second and handed me a soft,nasty,oil dripping raw pastel.My mom told the lady that oil is bad for the health and the lady seemed to not care and was rude.I didn't care either,so I ate it.I looked behin dmy back and saw a huge,beautiful forest on mountains,along with the sea.
    2. Altruist's (un)epic adventures

      by , 06-09-2010 at 09:23 PM
      Quote Originally Posted by Epic Altruist View Post
      Violence and the sunrise

      I was witha friend on an escalator,I suspect we were in a mall.I somehow became lucid,I remember being able to put my right finger through my left palm.We ran around for some time,I was amused by the high vividness,we were passing through game courts and the floor was green.

      I talked to a man and ended up getting in a fight.He did not do anything violent but I feared him and thought it was possible my dream would turn into a nightmare,so I grappled his head with bot hands and kneeled him in the face.I saw him agonizing because of his cut eyes(he was wearing glasses and I think I broke them on his face).

      I ran like never before,afraid that he would hunt me down and terrorize me.I left my friend behind,I was running on a road with some trees.I was running on my feet's balls while also slightly hovering,so I wasn't able to use my legs strenght.I imagined the scenery passing by faster so that I would go faster,ocasionally,I jumped and flied a little before losing concentration and going back to the ground or getting too near to the trees.I jumped on a house,it was night now.I thought night wasn't a good idea in a dream,what terrors would be waiting for me around the corners?I will the sun to rise with the help of my right hand.I see a giant yellow ball pop up in the horizon,but the light level changes very little,it is very faint.The dream fades.

      Comment: I believe it is possible I had this lucid dream because I am sick,and some people experience interesting dreams when they are ill.It might have also been caused by a wakening I had in the night and thought about lucid dreaming and doing an WBTB,before falling asleep again.My recall of details is poor because it was a DILD in the middle of the night,not before wakening.
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    3. Altruist's (un)epic adventures

      by , 06-09-2010 at 09:22 PM
      Quote Originally Posted by Epic Altruist View Post
      Somewhere beyond the sea and on a pool

      I was daydreaming about how legendary I was for being on the underwater city of Rapture and how well that would fit on my future biography when I became famous.Nothing seemed to be destroyed at all and I was at some dinner/party.I noticed how dry my eyebrows where and decided to get them wet.I used a faucet to get them wet while I combed them with my fingers.

      There were three girls who had a strange power,their power seemed to have originated from a Devil Fruit.I remember asking someone how could more than one person have the same power and they explained to me that it was because they imbued the Fruit's power on their room's floor.The girls were of antagonistic nature at first but then it changed.

      One of the girls became good and created a pocket universe on her room's floor,leading me to a place with a big pool.It was all so bright,lots of people were going on the pool,a party was going to happen I think.The pool was deep and I loved that,while underwater,I could see the girls that were swimming above's legs.I felt tempted to keep swimming deeper and stay underwater for a longer time,but I felt a urge to breath and had to go back to the surface.I got to the other side of the pool, I think I saw some people I know.The place had lots of people,I was talking to the girl who created the place.I asked if the people outside could hear us,and she said that only if they were close.She was now worried that her dad would find out what she ahd done.I went outside the pool place through a flower-metal like container thing so I could see if the coast was clear.I looked at her room's door and it was all closed out with planks nailed to it.I came back to the pool and there were much fewer people now.The girl was now going to close the universe I believe,the last thing I saw before waking up was a hand putting a lock on the door that was with planks and stuff.


      I specially liked the ending since it had an end to the storyline just before I woke up instead of teasing me with some epic dream climax just so that I wake up trying to do a DEILD.
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    4. Altruist's (un)epic adventures

      by , 06-09-2010 at 09:21 PM
      Quote Originally Posted by Epic Altruist View Post

      I was at my old school,on the place where the computers are.There was a girl I do not know talking to me and with two other guys I don't know.She was not very attractive.Her speech started to lag and wasn't synchronized with something I was doing witha light switch.I shouted in frustration and confusion because I could not understand her right.I became lucid because of all that lagging thing and decided I would blow up that building.I imagined that the light switch would explode the building and everyone in it.I pressed the button and heard a short scream before everything going black.

      I was now conscious,but could not see anything.I thought to myself,"heh,wasn't exploding myself a Task of the Month?Did I make it?".I was waiting for myself to respawn and tried to force a respawn point somewhere,but I ended up at my house.My lucidity was low unfortunately so I was low on creativity and was just fucking around.I saw a light switch on my garage and decided to explode my house too.I pressed it with the same intent as before,but nothing interesting happened,I entered my house and saw some smoke,I assumed the house did not explode because the windows where open.Some stuff happened and then I woke up.

      Debate at Dream Views

      I was in a wish thread I believe,but it was not the "corrupt a wish" thread,I believe it was the "If you had one wish in the world" thread.People where debating what a certain wish would cause, and I remember seeing long walls of paragraphs of text.In the dream,it was clear what the wish and the debate was,but I cannot remember it anymore.

      I believe I had the lucid dream because I was trying to incubate a dream before falling asleep,and added that I would become lucid on that dream.I told myself that the dream was going to show me what happened if I had acted differently at one point of my life.Maybe that dream I was having was indeed part of the incubated dream,since I was at my school and there were people I did not recognise,but thats not evidence at all,seeing that more than half the people I am with in dream I do not know and my school is a dream sign.
    5. Altruist's (un)epic adventures

      by , 06-09-2010 at 09:21 PM
      Quote Originally Posted by Epic Altruist View Post
      Haha, its the first time I have more than one lucid dream in a month.Actually,I've only ever had lucid dreams that were months apart,this DJ sure is having a good effect .

      After waking up and feeling disoriented due to a long night of dreams(which I can't recall) I fell asleep again and had this dream:

      School trouble and the old friends

      I was talking to a friend from my old school who I haven't seen on a long time.I discover that he now studies on the school I am going to,and he informs me that other friends from my old school will study there too.I feel great that I will already have some friends on the new school, I am on a long table and my vision goes flying past my friends faces.

      I am now on the supposed new school,there are a baby,a woman and my 4th grade teacher on the same room.The tables were wet, as if it had rained inside the room, there was a paper on a table,which was wet too.The teacher seemed to have her same personality as the one in reality, she was treating me kind of bad.After she said something I heard clearly on the dream,I gave her a clever comeback including an insult to the school's methods(I used to do that kind of thing).

      The students are now entering the room,I am happy to see so much familiar faces on there while also feeling nostalgic.The teacher threatens me,saying that she will make an excursion somewhere while talking only in english,so I would not understand anything(I used to be a bad student, so she probably assumed that I was bad in english too and was still a naughty child,probably because of my current behaviour on the room).I laughed in joy,while looking at the other student's faces searching for someone that knew I was good at english(although this post shows the opposite...).Their expressions seemed to show a mix of apathy and anger,I assumed some of them were angry because of something I did to the baby that was in the room,altough I can't recall any scenes about that.

      Now,sitting on my chair,the room seems to be full, some last students are going to their tables.I now realise it.It is too good to be true, my current friends plus old ones on my new school,my 4th grade teacher?I must be dreaming.I got up,feeling a rush of medium disappointment for it being only a dream but also excitement,I rub my hands a little.The clarity is awesome,altough it seems a bit too bright.I can't really feel touch or the boundaries of my body too clearly so I decide to stimulate it.I touch a girl's face,my hand seems to go through it,I concentrate more on it and I can now feel an unrealistic touch sensation on my left hand.It feels like a vibration on my fingertips and fingers.The dream now starts to fade to black,but I can still see kind of an outline of the girl's face.Assuming that the dream is ending and I will wake up soon,I start humping the girl(silly me ).

      To my surprise and happiness, it has not ended.I look at my crotch,seeing the results of humping that woman.Everyone seems to be kind of angry at me,like I killed/raped someone(at this point I can't say I haven't anymore).I seem to have trouble with dream control,I remember trying to fly but just hovering a little.I saw some emo like girl who also seemed to be hating me,I tried to show off that I was dreaming by shooting her with lightning,but all I managed to do was making my fingertips glow blue.The people's reactions were all very realistic,they seemed to find strange for me to think that I am dreaming.
      I can't really remember how it ended,but I did not lose consciousness after the dream and before waking up.

      That was good,I had a boost in my happiness during the day.I wonder if I was having trouble with manipulating it because it was too realistic?
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    6. Altruist's (un)epic adventures

      by , 06-09-2010 at 09:18 PM
      Quote Originally Posted by Epic Altruist View Post
      Yes!First lucid dream of the year while also being my first decent lucid dream.

      Playing with powers,failing at flying

      The dream was first about some friends and people from school.It seemed to be a party or a gathering or something,there were a lot of people I don't know.There were mentions about last names from friends of mine coming from people that I thought were unrelated.The place was a big house with a pool outside.The terrain was kind of cliff like and with a forest too.There was a part about some robot men also,they had some duty to protect the house or something, it was confusing.

      While walking outside I had a thought, I can't remember it exactly but I think it was linked to reality, and that triggered lucidity.I did not act like in my other lucid dreams, I did not get over excited or anything,I just thought something like "finally" and then walked off as if I were the man.It all started getting more realistic and I noticed it, I rubbed my and I could feel them it got more vivid.I jumped out of the at high speed kind of trying to fly but I landed on the pool, a kid come running to me, amazed by my powers.I remembered that one of the things I wanted to do was "healing",in the dream my right eye started hurting and I put my ahnds in front of my face and said: "heal acne".I've heard of reports from people saying that lightning came out of their hands when they practiced that, so I saw a faint blue thing come out of my hands.My pain on the right eye was relieved and I decided I wanted to impress the kid dream character.I started trying to fly again, first jumping high but I couldn't maintain it and fell.The kid was impressed by my high jumps even if I could not fly,I tried again and tried flapping my arms, without a lot of sucess.Before falling, I imagined that having wings could help me so I said somethign like "wings" and imagined them coming out of my back and that I could see them if I looked to my sides.That failed too.I was now unsure about what to do: maybe open a portal to some crazy place,I dont know, so many possibilities.I decided I would try out Ruffy's(from One Piece) powers.I've wanted to try out Gear second since quite some time.
      Spoiler for Gear Second, maybe spoiler if you haven't watched, dunno.You can just look at the thumbnail if you want to have an idea of what its like:

      So I got in position and started making pressure on my legs,they didnt get pressured like in the video at first, I started thinking "i'm elastic" and they started looking like in the video, but it was quite difficult to maintain it, I had to put a lot of strenght into it.I added the detail that I had to turn red and have steam comming out of me and I saw my feet get red and have smoke coming out,there was also blood coming out of my big toe's nail.I started losing lucidity at this point,probably due to being too immersed into doing that.I knew that that power gave me super strenght and speed, so I rocketed into the house, hitting some things on the way I think.I then started fighting a guy from One Piece.I can't recall more because of the lost lucidity.

      Note: I said "heal acne" because I've read that dream healinig has had effect in healing scar tissue from some people, so I thought it was worth a try.My face did not look very different in the morning though

      Note 2: I probably lost lucidity due to do everything rushing, at one point I wondered how much time could I maintain it if I kept rubbing my hands, but I ended up getting too immersed.

      Observation: I wonder if the King's hands helped me having a lucid dream yesterday,since he scrubbed all the fear away.
      Spoiler for The king's godly ways:
    7. Altruist's (un)epic adventures

      by , 06-09-2010 at 09:15 PM
      Quote Originally Posted by Epic Altruist View Post
      Meat castle and dimensions beyond walls

      I was in a castle and something was going on that had to do with meat.Someone was hanging pieces of meat around the castle,I believe it was an attempt at making boobytraps.There were raw beefs all around the stairs and hanging from the ceiling.

      I was now with some people I know.A girl starts staring at me and smiling in a very creepy way,getting closer.I realize that is just too creepy and become lucid,but am still scared by her and afraid it might end my dream.

      I am now reading something,probably on a computer screen.It starts getting blurry so I rub my hands to keep it stable.I find a friend of mine and treat decide to show off.I go through my house's wall and into the garage then come back.He is not as surprised as you would expect.I tell him I am now going to go to the 2nd dimension or something similar.I go through the wall and on the other side there is only and infinite void of blackness.I do not fully enter the void with my body,I come back.I now tell my friend i'm going to another dimension,so I try to get through the wall,but this time it was hard to do it.I could not go through the wall,it was very hard.I was expecting to see a void of yellow light on the other side(or did I see it?).My friend comments that I need more training to be able to go there.

      Another friend appears and I decide to show him I can fly.I get out of my house and jump into the air,going about 4 or 5 metres in the air,but falling.I hold on my house.I try again and again but it feels like forced control and I always gravitate towards the floor.I enter my house and my friend is not there anymore.I'm constantly rubbing my hands,wondering how long could this dream last.I remember I wanted to go to the lucid crossroads,but I am getting distracted by a karate class going on in my garage.I feel like i've messed around enough,and as if the class was real.
      I get too involved and end up losing my lucidity,the dream fades.

      Comment: Bahahaha 3rd lucid dream this month,that is almost one lucid dream a week.I foresee a breakthrough.